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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Review

So much to say!

Friday: My phone has been freezing on me when I take pictures or send text messages (really, the only two things I do with my phone other than bother my dad at work by calling him). So Dave took it to the Verizon store here in town and since they aren't a "corporate" store they couldn't replace it. So they tried to do an over-the-air software update but it completely froze at 0% progress and stayed that way. I could answer calls but not make them.

We signed the docs to refinance our house. Woo! We started the process just before took too long.

Saturday: Dave got up super early to pack for his flight to AR for our nephew's wedding (which is on Monday...who gets married on a Monday?!). I baked cookies and made pizza for the mother-baby group I hosted from 11am-2pm. It was a group of some of the gals from the UCD graduate student pregnancy support group. All the babies played well together and Eddie went down for a nap (with very little fussing!) half way through. So he and I aren't in the group picture...oh well. I walked Eddie and the dogs to the Verizon store to see if they could do ANYTHING about my phone (I was at the point of using Gmail chat to tell Edward to tell someone else to call me if I needed to talk to lame). The stupid guys there said there was nothing they could do and I'd have to go to a corporate store or mail my phone in.

Eddie and I drove to Livermore with the doggies. He didn't get to bed until 11pm but I was able to do everything in his bedtime routine anyway--with the minivan having so much room I threw his baby bathtub in the back so he even got a real bath! He slept in the Pack-n-Play next to my worked okay except that he could see me and the dogs through the mesh sides, which was distracting him from going to sleep. I'll have to rig up a blanket on the outside so he can't see through it next time. I might also make the dogs sleep in another room next time because they woke him up in the morning jumping off the bed when they wanted to have their breakfast.

Sunday: We had breakfast at Emil Villas with my parents, then my dad and I went to Safeway to order a wedding shower cake for Dyani's shower. I completely forgot that it was Super Bowl Sunday--the store was PACKED. We ran into Mr. Fong (my high school physics teacher) and it was neat that he remembered who I was. He told my dad that he still has my dad's silly "Physicist At Large" business card and that he wants to make himself a shirt that says "Teacher At Large."

Then we went to a "real" Verizon store where they replaced my phone and even gave me a free 1GB card for my phone. The lady programmed the phone to automatically save all my pictures and videos to the card, just in case the phone craps out again everything is safe. (I'm planning on upgrading to a fancier phone next week anyway but it is nice to have a working phone again.) She also put the automatic contacts update app on my phone, which is great (and free).

Then my mom and I went to the Big White House Winery to figure out Dyani's shower. It's going to be held at the winery in only two short weeks--we bought all the wine we'll need and figured out how many tables we need to rent. It was fun and we got to do some tastings, too. I made a spreadsheet (surprise, surprise) of all the stuff I need to get done for the shower (decorations, make the food, signs to put on the road, etc.).

Since Eddie fell asleep in the car going home from the winery I let him stay in the car with my mom at the house while I loaded everything up. He stayed asleep until I was almost done shopping at Babies R Us in Dublin. A few weeks ago there was a deal on Facebook where you'd get a free $5 giftcard if you became a fan of Babies R Us or Toys R Us. So I did it and got Edward and Dave to do it, too. So I got to spend $15 there today for free! I bought some PJs and a pair of booties for Eddie and a pair of suede moccasins for my friend's baby (they are short of cash and shoes)--everything was on clearance and I only had to pay $3.60 of my own money. Not too shabby for all that stuff! Before heading back to Davis, Eddie nursed and had a diaper change in the "mother's room." That store bugs me because they sell SO MUCH STUFF that babies really don't need ($400 cribs? And diaper wipes warmers, really? We all survived without warm wipes just fine...) but I do love using the mother's room for nursing.

Whew...since being home tonight I've gotten the diapers started in the wash, packed my lunch and got all the nipples and lids put on Eddie's bottles for daycare tomorrow, ate dinner, let Eddie and Edward have a video chat session to show off the little man's sitting-up and screaming skills, and put Eddie to bed.

I'm headed there myself...another crazy week starts tomorrow...

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