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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011: Peter Pan!

When talking to Cassie about costume options for Eddie, we decided to have Eddie be Peter Pan and Leila could be Tinker Bell (we knew she wanted to be a fairy of some type). All of us adults jumped on it and decided to take part, too. I was Wendy (wearing one of my mom's frumpy nightgowns), Dave was Captain Hook, and Cassie's boyfriend was John Darling. Cassie intended to dress up as Princess Tiger Lily but she couldn't find any non-slutty costumes. So at the last minute I suggested she be Peter Pan's shadow. So she wore tights, a belt, and a tunic all in black. She had a hat, too, but since Eddie refused to wear his, she skipped hers.

As far as festivities, we started the Halloween celebration by going to Impossible Acres to tour the petting zoo and pumpkin patch with Eddie's daycare. My mom and I were chaperones.
Holy geez, daycare is a lot of work! We had like 11 kids and 5 adults but it was STILL overwhelming and exhausting! Each kid got to choose a pumpkin before eating their mini sack lunches. And of course, Eddie kept choosing rotten/squishy pumpkins. I eventually picked out a normal orange one for him.Saturday evening we attended Cassie's Halloween party. It was a potluck and we contributed several jars of apple cider and some orange olive bread with spinach dip. Edward and Jennifer came to the party, too. I LOVED Edward's costume. He just finished reading the book and apparently drove around to 4 stores looking for all the components to his costume.

The kid party lasted until about 9pm--there was a chicken grain pit (like a sand box but full of corn and other chicken "scratch" things), coloring, lots of food, and a projector showing Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin movie at the end.

We all had a fabulous time at the party. At one point Dave had a sword/light saber battle with a mini Darth Vader, followed by a game of tug-of-war with his sword against 5 kids! The sword broke, so they all moved on to playing "keep away" with Dave's pirate hat. It was adorable watching my man play whole heartedly with so many kiddos. Eddie was getting out of control by the end of the party (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overtired and coming off all the candy he ate throughout the night) so Dave took him home to bed. My mom and Gayla were there so they hung out with sleeping Eddie while Dave returned for the "adult" party. Edward brought some Chipotle burritos to Cassie's while we waited for Dave to return.

The adult party was super laid back. I think we were all too worn out from the kid party to do much more than eat our burritos and talk. We ended up getting back home at about 11pm.

We don't have a single picture of all of us together since we were too busy at the kid party to gather together. And because Eddie is at the stage where he hates having his picture taken, we didn't get any super good pictures of us (someone is always not looking). Sigh...maybe next year. Some of these are Gayla's pictures, thanks for sharing!Dave took Monday off of work so he could be here for Halloween. Eddie went to daycare as usual and then all of the parents (plus my mom and Edward) met up at 3pm to take the kids trick-or-treating downtown. He seriously ate just about every piece of candy he got immediately. My friend Kelly and her daughter Renee came along with our giant gang. It was a little busier than last year, but i think all the kiddos still had fun.I asked Edward to push Renee's empty stroller so Kelly could go into some of the stores to trick-or-treat with Renee. It was so funny to watch Edward walking along pushing a stroller. Normally when he's pushing one, I'm right next to him so I can't see how "fatherly" he looks.We went home, carved pumpkins, ate dinner, and then waited for the trick-or-treaters. We didn't get many. (More candy for us!) Dave let Eddie color a pumpkin with a permanent marker. When he was done, Dave used the zillions of marks as a "suggestion" of where to carve. It was a very unique looking pumpkin. I was lame and just cut out various shapes (circle, oval, square, diamond, star, etc.). Our pumpkins were pretty lame this year and we didn't take pictures of them.

Edward, my mom, and I took Eddie out to only 5 houses (he didn't need more candy). This time he wore a hand-me-down fireman suit since he didn't want to wear his tights anymore (who can blame him?). Eddie had been upset earlier in the evening and hit me in the face. I asked him MANY times to say sorry, but he wouldn't. The only thing I could think of to threaten him with (since he doesn't get dessert or other luxuries regularly) was not letting him to trick-or-treating. Knowing that I still wanted to take him out that night, I kept telling him that he had to say "sorry Mama, no hitting" before he could go. FINALLY he said it once he saw kids coming to our house and collecting sugary loot. I know I'm a pushover for letting him have SO much time to apologize...I promise I'll be tougher next time. It is hard to discipline when they are small and don't have privileges to take away!

Over all it was a fun Halloween. Next year it'll be fun to see what costume Eddie chooses for himself (I guarantee it won't include tights!) and watch him carve his own pumpkin.


steph.kelley said...

What a great Halloween! You guys did some of everything celebratory, from pumpkin patch to carving to T-or-T'ing to party to Charlie Brown movie. And your costume is adorable. xoxo

Mariah said...

Was that a kermit the frog hat in the background? I love Halloween and btw you make an adorable wendy

Kelly said...

You do make an adorable Wendy, I agree!

Thanks again for inviting us to tag along for trick or treating, it was super fun :D And I think the pipe and hat add a lot to Edward's fatherly look in the stroller pushing pic!