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Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Sick

Eddie was sent home from daycare with diarrhea today. Lucky for me, it hasn't escalated to anything worse AND my mom offered to come up for the night so I can go into lab for a few hours once he's asleep. She's always been immune to stomach flu (lucky...she never got sick from is when we got it as kids...or colds for that matter).

While he was down for a nap I got caught up all the laundry folding I neglected yesterday, and that's always nice.  My mom arrived while Eddie was still napping and he was so excited to see her when I got him up. I had been telling him that we could paint once she was here...and he asked about it immediately when he saw her.

So we settled in for some painting with "Gwam-aw" this evening. I think we all had fun.  :)

Now we're all having some crackers while watching an episode of Dinosaur Train (and Eddie's having some watered down gatorade). Here's hoping for a barf free household!


Leah Roy said...

My kids both had bad diapers for like a week recently! No barfing and no fevers, just a bad stomach bug. So glad its behind us now. This is the second time its happened to us. BRAT diet for like 5-7 days sure makes cooking easy though.

Mariah said...

painting is the best with kids. My kids love it too! And now I'm singing that theme song in my head now! And hats off to you. I don't know how you do it but you are doing it. GO momma go!

Kaitlin said...

wow he's quite the artist!