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Friday, March 15, 2013

When He's a Mama

This morning during breakfast, Eddie and I were talking about how many babies there are at his daycare.  "Baby Charlotte and baby Imogen--that's all we have!  No baby boys!"  I reminded him that there will be third baby girl soon and her name will be Kiera.  "Oh yes, baby Kiera, from Cassie's belly!" he beamed.

Then his bright face turned rather dim and concerned.  He said when he grows up that he wants to be a mama.  He's said this before and I've always tried to explain boys usually grow up to be daddies rather than mamas.  His face turned into a scowl and he became insistent that he wanted to be mama "because daddies can't have babies in their tummies, right?"  Oh, sweet boy--that's right.

I'm not sure why he wants to be a mama instead of a daddy.  Perhaps because I'm always with him and Dave isn't--maybe that gives him the impression that while daddies love their kids, they aren't necessarily around all the time?  Or maybe because I do more of the hands-on care giving (feeding him, cooking for him, bathing and putting him to bed)?  It could also just be the whole Oedipal complex of little boys admiring their mothers at this age.  Or maybe he really does want to grow a baby in his belly.  Who knows?  Whatever it is, I love it.  And I know he'll be a wonderful parent when his time comes (let's just hope he's fully educated and financially/emotionally ready when his time comes!).

Today was especially sweet because he said he had chosen a name for the baby that will be in his tummy when he is a mama: Leila.  This is especially sweet because it's the name of one of his best friends, Cassie's daughter, who he's known since he was 4.5 months old.  He loves Leila, clearly.  I told him I thought that was a perfect choice because he loves his friend Leila.  It's hard to describe what he did with his face, but it was sort of a contemplative, satisfied smile and then he sighed.


It doesn't get much cuter or heart melting than that, folks.


August Brown said...

so cute! Andrew wants to have a baby too and in their little perspectives I think momma's are the ones who do it

Kelly said...

Awwww is right! Such a sweet little guy.

Leah Roy said...

Totally melted! Little boys DO love their mamas, and I hope it never changes, I hope they never grow up and have to leave us :-( Ok, that's a bit dramatic but you know what I mean. Charlie really wants another sibling these days and he says we should name him (boy) Ms. Jeanette. That is the name of a college student who helped out in his preschool class all last fall and now she is gone.

steph.kelley said...

Gaaawwww! What a darling! "Leila" is a perfect name anyway: when I was in fourth grade or so I did a creative writing assignment for which my main character was Leila. Clearly, a good choice! :D xoxoxo