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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buhbye PES Building!

Welp...I moved all my stuff out of my office on Monday night. Eddie came along because I promised him some show-watching time while I packed the boxes (and Dave wanted some Eddie-free time to pack the trailer).

I moved into this office in January 2010 when I returned from PELP/maternity leave. Eddie was a wee 4.5 months old then. 

This post comes to you via my old desk during a coffee break, which I'm using through the end of today. I have to complete a few more lab tasks (lignin and cellulose extractions plus some Costech tin loading) before we depart permanently for Gualala, but otherwise I'm done with the desk work for the time being.  We found out this morning that my PI did not get the department chair position he'd been fighting for, which is a huge bummer for him.  Us students, however, are a little (lot) relieved because it means his current focus on us will remain.  Whew.

Dave hauled my boxes of desk/office stuff up to the Coast House but in a few weeks I'll set up shop in the water company office.  I will write my dissertation at an abandoned desk in the corner of the seldom-used conference room and I will work in the water office one day a week.  It turns out that there are a few volunteer opportunities that I can fill too much time with, so I'll have to pick one or two and save the rest for post graduation (a couple of farms, visitor's center, library, school).
Me in the emptiness compared to only two months ago.
And because I'm too lazy to write another post about it, here's a bit about Father's Day.

Sunday was Father's Day and I took some cute pictures of Eddie and Dave that evening.  Eddie had just given Dave a card from school and four lollipops--one of which Eddie declared was actually for himself. Ah, kids.

I LOVE these new Picasa gif's!

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steph.kelley said...

No waaaaay your gif is too cool! Gotta try some of those meself. Neat to hear about your new workspace up north, and some good distraction opportunities. :) xoxoo