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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catch Up!

Goodness...I haven't posted anything in quite sometime.  I used to blog at my school desk on campus during slow-brain moments when I needed to let my subconscious work out some complex data-related thing.  And these days I don't sit at a school desk often enough for that to even happen.  So on the rare occasions when I DO sit down to work I actually WORK.  How novel.

I've been struggling to get back on the school work/data crunching/dissertation writing wagon.  It's my least favorite thing to do at the moment, but I'm confident that'll change.  Distractions include:

  • The lovely Indian Summer weather.  I don't want to waste the warmth sitting inside so when I'm not at my job or sleeping I'm often out and about.
  • Running. Dave and I were training for our first 5k by running at the airport 3-4 times per week.  It may sound silly to train for such a short race, but we're new to the loving-to-run club. I'll have a whole post on how that went but here's a spoiler: it was fantastic!  We are still running now that the race is over so we can do other races, too.
  • Food storage.  Oh my goodness, we didn't even get to press apples for cider or harvest honey this summer but I was still up to my eyeballs in canning/freezing/drying/cooking the abundance of fruit for storage.  Eddie has figured this hobby out and will make up stories about how once upon a time he picked a whole bunch of [insert his latest food obsession] and he spent "hours and hours" [insert his choice storage method: freezing/drying/canning] it all to "save for the winter."  
  • Eddie. I have a love-hate relationship with this four year old stage.  One minute he's a doll who is helpful, considerate, and sweet and the next moment he's an argumentative, mocking, know-it-all, stubborn monster.  
  • Yoga. I still go about 3 times per week and I love it.  
  • Taking care of my in-laws. I've started doing some geriatric-type caregiving for my in-laws, including all the big shopping, providing my FIL's dinners, and making and driving them to doctor appointments both in and out of town.  
  • Work. I am 'in the office' 2 days per week but usually end up doing some extra work throughout the week since a lot of what I do is not water company-specific but for other components of the Bower Enterprises.  It has been an excellent way to meet people in the community, make new contacts, learn about all the other projects that Dave has going on, and whatnot.
  • The dang house. Oh boy, this house.  It's huge. It's mostly under construction (= mess that's not worth cleaning up). It's inefficient because of the sheer size, construction chaos, and layout.  It can only get better from here on out but it's a painfully slow process because we're not millionaires who can pay people to do the work for us. Have I complained about how we don't even own the stupid thing so it often feels like we're doing all this work for nothing?  The good news is that we won't have to decorate the inside for Halloween--it's a nightmare of a haunted house already, full of scary 1960s decor and ghosts of Good Intentions Past. 
  • My mom.  I haven't mourned much since she died, at least not outwardly.  But we did so much grieving back in 2008 that I felt like it was almost a relief.  She was so uncomfortable with her appearance, her story of ignoring the cancer for so long, the prognosis, that we all knew she'd be glad to have it all gone.  Now I'm planning her memorial reception--an occasion to remember her at her best.  I have struggled with the church a bit to make sure it is a happy memorial but the idea of having a celebratory party disturbs some people.  My mom wasn't one for sad emotions so I'm sticking to my guns about it and it can be stressful and overwhelming.  It's happening in about 2 weeks but I'm finding that I put off the planning for longer than usual because I don't want to confront her death as real.  I finally had to sit down to hash out the details and disturbed me how unsatisfying it felt.  Normally I love the rush of getting things organized.  (I need a vacation, I think.)
**I was blogging and then BOOM my brain realized I'd done something wrong with my data analysis so I looked and yes indeed, I needed to fix something.  So I did, ran some tests, shot off an email to a postdoc to confirm my procedure, and came back. I love my subconscious...I think it'll be what ends up writing my dissertation.**

So there are numerous distractions.  But as it gets colder and miserable outside I won't have so much food storage to take up my time.  Almost everything else will still be there but I know my motivation will kick into gear...soon...

Here are a few pictures to enjoy until I get around to posting something else.

We adopted a kitty cat named Nina.  The dogs are veeeeeeeeeeeeeery interested in her.  Taters wants to nose/sniff/chase her and Ruby wants to guard her from Taters and Eddie...unless there's ice cream residue to be licked off a plate.  Then they all get along just fine.

My Royal Chantanae carrots are HUGE this year!  

"The" cat has become "Dave's" cat.

Here's the Bower-Levie-Whitney team last weekend!

We went to the beach after the race.
More later: Nina Kitty, back to school in Davis, Eddie's 48 month check up, a few perfect weekends in Gualala...and...there's probably more.


Leah Roy said...

Thanks for the update! Been thinking lots about you Levie-Bowers :)

Ms. said...

You have had a lot going on.
Sammy is all sweet and cuddles and super helper then sassafrass up the wazoo and bossy bossy.

steph.kelley said...

It's great to hear what you've been up to. Some hard things in there, both mom- and compost-related. Keep on chugging, Little Choo-Choo that could; we're rooting for you! xoxoxo