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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Guess what Eddie was for Halloween?  If you're not sure, think about these facts:
  • He's a boy
  • He thinks he's really strong and tough
  • He's four
  • He loves weapons
Answer: NINJA!

He debated on his costume for a couple of weeks...until we got to the store last month and he spied the double sword/double sai ninja weapon pack on the shelf.  HE NEEDED TO HAVE THESE WEAPONS IN HIS POSSESSION.  So he promptly decided to be a ninja.  
Have you ever seen such a cute ninja?  You can tell from his mouth that he was making sound effects for me as he posed.
And of course he was the cutest (I mean FIERCEST) ninja around.  But he's a terrible ninja because they're supposed to be quiet and sneaky and he thumps his feet wherever he goes.  

We didn't need to decorate the house for Halloween this year because it was scary enough with all the CRAP everywhere.  
See?  It's like a creepy hoarder's house: piles of crap everywhere.  We had to move two bedrooms out for carpet installation and the only semi-available space was the soon-to-be-downstairs-kitchen.  
The entry way into the house.  Looky there, a kitchen cabinet in a box!  Next to a new stove in a box!  SIGH.
But we did hang our inflatable spiders and spider lights and ate off of paper Halloween plates. And we carved our pumpkins.

Dave's, Eddie's, mine.  We let Eddie draw a face using a permanent pen, then we cut the shapes for him, and he gets to erase the pen marks with nail polish remover.  
There was a parade and a party at preschool that morning and I attended both.  The preschoolers led the parade and got to go through a 5th grade classroom, where they were each given a goody bag.  Back in the classroom there was an impressive spread of festive foods--I didn't eat any because seeing all the slobbery kids touching everything grossed me out.  But I'm glad they all enjoyed the treats!
Parading kiddos!  Since he couldn't carry his weapons at school, he opted for a knight helmet instead.
Eddie and his friend Charlie were super excited to find glow-in-the-dark teeth in their goody bags. 
Eddie went straight for the blue gummy worm jello mold.
That night, we took Eddie trick-or-treating along Gualala Court, one of two places kids go around here. It's a loop, actually, and most of the houses were decked out for the holiday. One even had flame throwers (cue four year old boy enthusiasm for gratuitous displays of flames).  His best buddy, Mason, and another friend were there so Dave and I got to socialize with their parents.  
Mason the storm trooper, Eddie the ninja, and Rylan the ninja turtle.
All total, Eddie got 29 pieces of candy--I know this because he counted it that night and again every single night thereafter.  He thinks that's a LOT of candy and we're going to let him think it is.  No one needs to tell him that his mama used to haul home half a pillow case full when she was his age.   
For dinner that night we had a decorated Costco take-and-bake pizza.  Pinterest had all sorts of ideas on decorating pizzas so I combined three ideas into one. It looked best uncooked.

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween this year! I saved the best part of this post for last...the gif of Ninja Eddie.
I canNOT get enough of these gifs!


Leah Roy said...

That last gif! Hahahaha. Kyle is super jealous of Eddie's costume and now wants one in his size.

Ms. said...

How do you do those gif's? They are so awesome!lol getting new carpet is like moving all over again It took me forever (like 3 weeks) to finally get everything back in place. YOur house is going to be awesome when all is said and done though