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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Date

Eddie's friend Mason hosted Eddie for a sleepover last Saturday so Dave and I could have a date night. Our first date night on the coast, actually.  We dropped him off at their house at 4:30 that afternoon and hung out for a bit. We'd not been to their house before so it was fun to get a tour of their 1900ish country rental house.

Dave and I stopped by the general store in their town to get a couple of things before our dinner reservation at Uneda Eat. Neither of us had eaten there before and we were excited to get to try it. I had a spicy carrot soup with vanilla yogurt and grapefruit to start and Dave had a salad. Then we did our usual eat-half-and-switch with a clam and crab pasta dish and a hangar steak and polenta plate. It was all really yummy.  The itty bitty restaurant was packed when we left.

We juuuuuuuust made it to next door to see Philomena at the Arena Theater. We both enjoyed the movie a lot. It's something my mom would have really enjoyed seeing with her friends.
The theater on the right and the restaurant to the left. My mom used to see movies and newsreels in that same theater when she was Eddie's age. Weird.

The theater has one of those cute little booths for the ticket sales.
After the movie we went home, greeted the pets, and then dragged a spare mattress and boxspring out to the upstairs livingroom. We built a big fire, moved the tv near the bed, and settled in to watch a movie.  Well, we chose a bad movie to watch on a romantic night: The Whistleblower. It was a good movie with great reviews but not for a date night. Anyway, we made it through the movie and went to bed at midnight. But I tossed and turned until nearly 2 am when I finally admitted defeat and went downstairs to our real bed. Ruby made me let her out to potty at 3 am and after that I finally fell asleep. All total, I got 4.5 hours of sleep. But that's what coffee is for, right?

Eddie wasn't due home until 11 am so we walked the dogs downtown to Trinks to get a scone.

When he and Mason arrived, it was clear that they were both exhausted from their big boy sleepover. Mason's parents reported that the boys stayed up until 11 pm telling each other fart/butt/poop jokes and moving from bed to futon to tent and back again. (His parents were spying on them with the video baby monitor.) Then early-bird Mason had late-sleeper Eddie up before the sun to play.

So everyone had a wonderful night!  Except maybe Mason's parents who had to endure all that sleeplessness.  We can't wait to host Mason for a sleepover so his folks can have a date night of their own!

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Ms. said...

What a fun date night but ugh not sleeping is terrible. Yes caffeine helps!
The town seems very romantic!