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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dave Quiz

Let's play a game.

You might be married to Dave if (select all that apply):

A. You get emails like this:
B. You get calendar event invitations like this:
C. Everything in your husband's office is at least 20% larger than normal (desk, chair, mouse, monitor, computer tower), leaving you unable to use the office in his absence because you are not 20% larger than most wives.

D. You have to set the table with cocktail sauce when it's taco or burrito night because it's a must-have condiment for your husband (and his dad).

E. You find yourself refusing to pack food into his lunchbox because you're grossed out that there is mold growing inside and you are teased for being dramatic and overly concerned as he throws his food into the box himself. Ew, mold.

F. You find a zillion extra pictures on your phone if you let him be in charge of taking the picture. You discover that he just snaps away, even when you're not ready yet.

G. Your 5000 square foot house routinely uses only $70 in electricity in a month. Related: you are used to hearing your husband spout off how much money it costs per hour to run such-and-such light fixture and seeing him daydream when he talks about LED fixtures for the garage and kitchen remodel.

H. He asks you to plot the propane usage so he can calculate how much lower the electric bill will be once we switch from the electric stove to the propane stove. And you do it.

I. You fear for your life when you have to drive his truck.

You should have answered all of the above


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steph.kelley said...

Ahahaha I love this post! A truly loving wife are you! xoxo