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Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Tacos

Tonight I made the best tacos ever. Ever.

I warmed a butter-garlic tortilla in a skillet and sprinkled cheddar cheese on it until it melted. Then I spread some of my spicy barbacoa beef in the middle, topped it with plain yogurt, then a packet of Taco Bell sauce, then mixed mesclun lettuce and chopped cilantro, and topped it all off with chopped tomatoes. Holy. Good. was so good!

And by melting the cheese onto the tortilla I didn't have little bits of cheese falling out while I ate it AND the heat browned the tortilla for extra flavor.

Go into your kitchen and make one. Now. You won't regret it.



MrsTina said...

Drooling right now! But alas - no kitchen to make it in. Can you make your blogs smell-o-vision?

steph.kelley said...

I am making Julie's Barbacoa Beef tomorrow!!! What a cosmic coincidence. I love you Julie. xoxox