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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally Done!

Whew...exactly 4 years ago I finished-up my last classes as an undergraduate at Saint Mary's College. This week I took my final exam for my last class EVER for graduate school! Woohoo! (Luckily for me, my graduate program course requirements are the same for both the Ph.D. and the masters I can choose which track to take later, depending on what research opportunities present themselves in the coming months.)

This is a super-short post because I'm exhausted from a full day of baby sitting Teo followed by 5 straight hours of cooking up massive batches of potato leek soup (for which I first had to make a batch of chicken stock), split pea soup, and a sausage-cabbage casserole.

I'll write more later with an update about my job/funding status at school.

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huntfamily said...

woohoo! that must be a GREAT feeling!