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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Excited for Tomorrow

This weekend cannot get here any sooner. Dave is on his way home (finally) after a GMAC meeting up in Gualala. And my parents will be arriving tomorrow to hang out with us for the whole weekend. I'm super excited about this because my parents haven't been to our house in a long time. My excitement is obvious if you peak into my refrigerator: I have 10 pounds of pork ribs marinating (destined for the smoker on Saturday), a big bowl of pasta salad (I made it ahead of time because it tastes best a few days after you make it), and plans for making tiramisu.

I was watching an old episode of Friends the other night and the Joey character was eating homemade tiramisu with all his sisters. Ever since then I've been craving it badly. I've never made it before, mainly beacause the mascarpone cheese is darn expensive. So I found a recipe online for making your own cheese for about 1/4 of the cost. If I buy the cream at Costco it will be even cheaper. Have you ever seen the half gallon cartons of heavy cream at Costco? They are like $5 but at the regular market a pint is over $3.

I'll post pictures and recipes later on for your viewing pleasure. And by "your" I really only mean Allison and my dad because I think they are the only ones who look at my blog anymore. I've not had a single comment in weeks. I feel so unloved. Just kidding...I know that if Potatoes and Ruby could read and type, they'd totally leave comments for me all the time. =)


MrsTina said...

Awh! Don't feel unloved. :) I love your blog! :)

Bev Halliday said...

Hey Julie,
Bill and I read your blog regularly and are disappointed when you don't have an update we haven't read! Keep it up. We love it and you and Dave and your 'fur children'.

Auntie Bev and Uncle BIll

steph.kelley said...

Oh waah, of course we read your blog! I should just comment more often so's you know. :) I'm planning a Julie's Daddy's Stew after having read that post, and will certainly be making mascaropone — like you I adore tiramisu but never make it because of that darn expensive dairy. Keep it up Jewwie! xoxoxo

huntfamily said...

I still often as I can! Our laptop died so I have very limited computer time since I am stuck to our desktop now and Iva doesn't really like staying in one room too long. Seriously....I wish I had the desire to cook like you!