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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Master To Do List

I'm all about making lists--grocery lists, packing lists for trips, and "to do" lists. During my last semester of college I remember making a long term to do list. I wrote it on a full sheet of paper and posted it on our home office cork board so I would see it all the time. It stayed on that board as we moved to three different apartments. When I made it, I can still remember thinking, "I'll never get all that done!" But I eventually did, even though it took me 5 years.

That 2004 list included:
  • Get a real job that has benefits (not more babysitting)
  • Apply to graduate school
  • Get into graduate school
  • Take child/infant CPR
There was probably other stuff on it, but I can't remember right now. If I can find the list at home (yes, I kept it) I'll scan it and post it.

I have been thinking for a while about all the "big" things I need to get done at this point in my life. So here's my new long term to do list for all to see:

  • Get a mortgage modification or refinance to a lower rate
  • Get a second opinion about my cardiac episode
  • Reapply for life insurance
  • Get Dave to go to the dentist
  • Get Dave to go to the eye doctor
  • Formalize a hypothesis for my graduate research and come up with a formal plan for finishing said research
  • Take my qualifying exam
  • Finish graduate school by the end of winter quarter 2012
  • Find a nanny or day care for Eddie before the end of December
  • Get Eddie a passport (we're going to France in April!)
The scariest thing on this list is taking my qualifying exam. But if I can get a hypothesis for my research (and some good preliminary data) then that shouldn't be so scary...right???

Wish me luck!


Elizabeth M said...

not sure if your interested, but my friend and her husband lived down here while he was at garrett's law school. they are back up there b/c he transferred to mcgeorge law so she can finish up at uc davis. b/c it took so long for the school to get her re-registered, she is only taking two classes. my girls LOVE her and i know she knows baby cpr and all that. oh and she is a great cook too. i can give you her info if you would like. side note: they are one of the main reasons we will be in davis. oh and we got your announcement. super cute. okay long comment. stopping NOW

erin said...

good luck! and i LOVE lists too. and to answer your ques from my blog, yes. james rarely ever wears that shirt, EXCEPT when he's with my family, just to make them laugh.

erin said...

good luck! i love lists too!

and to answer your ques about the shirt... yes. he rarely ever wears that shirt, EXCEPT when hes with my family. he likes a good laugh.

steph.kelley said...

Good luck! although you won't need it. Julie can do anything, everything. xoxoxo