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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Months!

Wow, where has the time gone?? Eddie had his two month appointment yesterday afternoon. Dave worked last Friday so he could have Monday off to go with us to the doctor.Eddie now weighs 12lbs 7.5oz and is thriving. He had 3 shots and an oral rotovirus vaccine yesterday. And he did NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. I have never seen him get so red or scream so violently as when the nurse stuck those needles in his chubby little thighs. Dave and I huddled right over him, then scooped him up when she was done and popped him onto my breast to calm him down (lucky for my nerves it totally worked).
The doctor was a little concerned about his lingering yellow hue but didn't necessarily want to have a blood test done since it is so uncomfortable for the baby. He pointed out that while it is possible that Eddie could have some rare condition that interferes with normal protein functions (causing the jaundice), it just isn't likely because babies who are thriving just don't have issues like that.

And thriving he is! He has so much more neck muscle strength now, follows us around a room with his eyes, turns to voices (or barking) that he recognizes, coos and talks to us constantly, and is getting so big.

The doctor decided to check with a senior MD in the office about doing a blood test. The consensus was that it wouldn't do any harm to know for sure that the billirubin levels were tapering off so we went over to the lab after the appointment for the test. Poor sweet boy screamed his head off during the blood draw, I think because he had two nurses holding his arm and he was so hot and bothered from having his immunizations only a few minutes before at the doctor's office.

I got a call from the doctor this afternoon saying that his billirubin is now only half of what it was a month ago--at 4.4 units (I'm not sure what the units are...). I said I was surprised it was so low since he still looks so yellow to me. He said that you can only still see the yellow from the jaundice when the level is down around 4-6 units. He suggested that Eddie is just more olive skinned than we are. My and Dave's skin is quite pink so that seems weird. Oh well, yellow or not Eddie is healthy and that's all that matters!

Dave and I went to Pete's Coffee after the blood work so we could meet Susan, one of my pregnant friends, for a drink. She was due with her first little boy this coming Thursday and we'd been trying to find a good time to meet for a while. I met her through the UCD pregnancy support group and she's the only one who hadn't yet had her baby. She wanted to hang out so we could chat about labor, birth, and dealing with a newborn. I called her cell to tell her we were running late and then sent her a text and asked her to confirm that she got it so I wouldn't feel guilty making her wait around for me. But I never heard from her so Dave and I just shared a mocha and hung out (it was nice because Eddie was asleep in his seat so it was like pre-baby times!). I told Dave, "I bet she's not responding because she's in the hospital having her baby!"

Late last night I got a text from Susan saying she'd delivered her baby boy, Jackson, early that day. Yay for babies!

After calling around to several pharmacies, we found that Target in Woodland still had seasonal flu vaccines available. So Dave and I each got a shot. My left arms still hurts and I've been so dang tired today. Eddie and I took two naps this afternoon, after he slept for 6 straight hours during the night. Whew. We just took a long walk with Emmy and I'm feeling a little more awake. He's asleep in the stroller still so I should get my dinner made before he wakes up.

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mu rye uh said...

hahaha thats funny that it is his skin hue. I don't know why. Buggy is totally darker than the rest of us