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Thursday, May 5, 2011


A few weeks ago we noticed that Eddie has become aware of and interested in the toilet. Like other parents, our child keeps us company in the bathroom more often than not. Until recently I don't think he understood what we were doing sitting there...but all of a sudden he started pointing to the toilet and say "Oh...poopy? Peepee?"

He often comes to us, pats his diaper, and says "help" or "poopy" when he needs a diaper change (only when he's poopy, he couldn't care less when he's wet). So he's obviously getting the idea of what going to the bathroom is all about.

Just to encourage his curiosity, Dave bought two potty chairs. We keep the "real" one in the bathroom so he can sit on it whenever he wants (the bowl is removable and you can set the seat part onto the big toilet once he's bigger). The smaller Ikea one will be taken in the car or stroller once he's actually trained--to be used "on the go" when he has to "go."

To be clear: we're NOT pushing him into potty training right now and plan on letting him decide when he's ready. At two years old he'll get his first big boy underpants and if he wants to wear them and try using the toilet, fine. Otherwise we'll stick to diapers for a while.

Kristin came over for dinner last week and coincidentally brought him the book Once Upon a Potty. She was happy to see that we already have a potty seat for him!

So far, Eddie only likes to sit on the potty without a diaper after his bath. It has become a ritual. Other times he'll sit on it fully dressed. I'll have to teach him that the toy cars and spoons need to be taken OUT of the potty bowl BEFORE he actually uses it...but that's a lesson for an older child.

Here are some funny pictures taken the day Dave brought the potties home. I think it is particularly funny that they are fully clothed, and wearing matching outfits!

I'm reading a book with Daddy on the pot!Here take my ducky book. I'm going to have a snack. After all: what goes in, must come out!Ahhhh, this is so relaxing! Are you sure we're supposed to have our pants on when we sit on the potty, Daddy?Geez, Mama! A little privacy for us guys please?!


Team Roy said...

We have a toy potty in our bathroom as well. Charlie will sit on it all day, fully clothed. He's only taken his diaper off to sit down once. But the other day he was playing outside (naked) and went up to our carwash bucket, held himself and waited. He looked at me and said "peepee". I figured he was trying to get things done the way Kyle does. Probably thinking at the same time, "Hey, how do I turn this thing on?" Funny! Charlie has shown NO signs of being ready. So far, fine by me. I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle it quite yet either.

Love the picture of the two boys having some quality male bonding in the bathroom!

Mariah said...

allright! We kept the frog potty in the car and used it on numerous occasions (and took it with us to play dates) with Andrew