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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Schwind Twins!

John and Jessica had their babies yesterday afternoon! The little munchkins were both breech so they had a scheduled C-section...and despite all the planning, their anxious parents had to wait and wait and wait as their surgery kept getting delayed. (I was checking my phone and Facebook constantly starting at about 10am for them to post a picture.)

Welcome to the world, sweet Jude Bryant and June Elizabeth!The night before their arrival, John and Jessica came over to drop off their fur-babies, Rudi and Daisy. For having 14 pounds of baby inside her belly, Jessica looked nothing short of amazing! She's gonna kill me for posting this picture, but I needed evidence of how amazing a pregnant lady with twins can look at 38 weeks. Lovely, right?So if you're counting, I now I have four dogs, eight chickens, and one toddler under my care. The extra pooches will stay at our house until the new parents are settled back in at home. Eddie LOVES having all the "doh-dees" in the house. He's constantly showing me how he can give them gentle "pats."

I've had our bedroom window taped off for painting the trim Dave recently installed so I can't get any fresh air at night. The top of my Eddie's-in-bed-so-I-can-do-some-housework list is to get the last coat of paint on it so I can remove the tape and open the window. Ouf, sleeping with four pups in your bed sure gets hot! It doesn't help that Rudi insists on sleeping under the covers next to my legs...

Stay tuned for my celebratory birth meal this weekend in honor of the newest additions to the Schwind clan!


steph.kelley said...

What a perfect slice of Julie life — helping friends with babies and dogs, DIY home projects, and a Wadamus showing off what a good boy he is. Love it. :)

Kelly said...

Yes, great picture of Jessica and her beautiful belly. She does not look like she has 14lbs of baby in her, no way!! I still can't believe how big those babies were - bigger than Renee and she was the only one in my belly!!

Give Rudi and Daisy kisses from us, and I can't wait to see what you make for your Yankee/Rebel dinner :D