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Monday, January 16, 2012

Eight Things

1. Jennifer got a job at an advertising agency...something like account associate?  I can't remember but I keep imagining Mad Men and just hope there'll be less infidelity and smoking.
2. Edward and Jennifer got their very own apartment.  This is great for them since they've only ever lived together but with other people (roommates, a grandmother, us, or my parents). I can't wait to see Jennifer's decorating style!
3. Because they are moving into their own place, it means our house will soon be empty of a couch, a bed, some housewares, and linens (we basically absorbed Edward's stuff when he moved back here).
4. Eddie has been sleeping on Edward's queen bed, which has been in his room since June of 2010. So we ordered Eddie a twin bunk bed with a trundle.  It is quite awesome, with a staircase instead of a ladder (that doubles as a dresser with drawers under each step).  Because Eddie is so young, Dave didn't feel comfortable with the ladder and opted for the stairs.  UPS tracking says it'll arrive on Friday and since Dave bought the mattresses at Costco yesterday, we'll be ready to assemble it as soon as Edward hauls his queen bed away.
5.  I ordered a solid colored, king sized bedspread that I plan to cut into two and hem to the exact dimensions of the twin mattresses (as opposed to making them bigger, as most spreads are, so they can hang down over the edge of the bed).  I might even sew one side of the flat sheet to the fitted sheet so it stays in place, too.  I don't want to have to deal with the hassle of making a bunk bed (tucking in the sheets and blankets). I bought a set of "trains, cars, airplanes, and tractors" sheets and a jungle animal set, too.  I think cartoon character bedspreads are tacky so I'm hoping he'll be satisfied with fun sheets and a plain top blanket.
6. My family will be visiting next weekend so we can celebrate my dad's birthday. I've already planned out the meal and I can't wait to eat it.  I won't say what it is here on the blog because I don't want to ruin the surprise for my dad.
7. I love that Dave has today off.  It made for a wonderful weekend that was so jam-packed full of fun and relaxation that it has felt like he's been here a whole week.  Once I've offloaded the pictures of our weekend getaway I'll post about it--the food, wine, hotels, shopping, and childlessness.  It was glorious.
8. There is a "hard freeze" weather advisory in effect for tonight and tomorrow so I just wrapped towels on the above ground irrigation line in the chicken house and plugged in the lights on the lemon tree and threw a sheet over the whole tree.  I should probably bring the chicken waterer inside, too, once it is dark (and they are asleep) and bring it back out in the morning so it won't freeze solid.  It'll be so cold tomorrow that it might take a long time to melt and I don't want them to be thirsty. 


Kaitlin said...

we have bunkbeds and i never even put the flat sheet on. they just have the fitted sheet and the comforter and they each sleep with their "blanky"

Team Roy said...

Great list - glad you and Dave got to enjoy your time together! We've been looking into getting a new bed for Charlie. He is in my old queen from college, has been since he was a wee-one. We are ready to get him something more suited for a toddler, but something he can grow with/have friends sleep over with/possibly share a room with a sibling with. Bunk beds could be a possibility, so could a trundle! I'm excited to see Eddie's new bed.

Team Roy said...

LOVE the sheets too :) I think the cartoons are superrrrr tacky as well.

steph.kelley said...

Going to bed will be the highlight of the day! :) I'm sure Eddie will love the novelty of the stairs and drawers, not to mention the VROOOM sheets! xoxox