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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Independence Day 2012

As always, playing catch up!  Here's the 4th of July post I know you've all been dying to read.  

This year we hosted a BBQ at our house.  Like other years, we assumed we were the only family without plans...but as it turned out there were plenty of folks who were available to celebrate with us.  Dyani and Batiste came up and two sets of Williams brothers (David and Brian) came with their families/significant others, plus the Dalys came for a bit.

Batiste and Eddie played well together all day.  We think Batiste wasn't feeling too well, though, because he was a bit cranky.  Of course, he perked right up when we took him to the garden to see the chickens.  Poor Dyani spent a good deal of the day in the garden so Batiste could get his poultry fix.  
Batiste kept saying, "coq coq coq!" in his sweet baby French.

Before most of the folks arrived, us Bowers and Gaudillieres went to the city pool for a swim.  It closed at 5pm that afternoon so we stayed until the end.  The boys had a great time!

We dined on deviled eggs made with loads of fresh taragon, chives, and basil from the garden, plus bacon jalapeno poppers, veggie kebabs, and smoked ribs and chicken.  Sipping selections included margaritas and my newly invented iced herb tea (steeped lemon verbena and mint leaves sweetened with honey).  For dessert we made wild blackberry sorbet and pistachio ice cream, the latter of which was absolutely aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing.  

The Williamses all left before we walked to the fireworks.  So the remainder of the group got suited up in sweaters and walked the 10 minutes to our favorite firework viewing spot along Pole Line Road just north of the Nugget shopping center.  We thought the kids would love the fireworks, but they were more interested in running around like crazy people than sitting still on our laps to ooooh and aaaaah like us adults wanted them to.  (Figures.)  

I didn't take many pictures of the day since I was busy cooking, socializing, and playing with the kiddos.  But the few pictures I did take show the increasing chaos of the day.

Dyani and Eddie shelling eggs.
Batiste quickly figured out how to use our paddle handle on the front door.
Luckily we have flip door lock, which is the best baby proofing item we ever bought.
Two adults who wanted their picture taken + two kids who don't = the above picture.
The best group shot of the Bowers and Gaudillieres we could get.
Bowers, Gaudillieres, and Dalys in a rare moment of actually watching the fireworks.
And then began the chaos of getting all the crazy children strapped into strollers for the walk back.
Eddie and Morgan...we like to think of them as love birds...but I think that's
because us parents would love to be in-laws someday!

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