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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Smallest Bee Keeper

Dave and I were chatting online one night a few weeks ago, after I'd spent the evening working the bees with our friend, Tim, while Eddie sat to the side with Amanda.  I told Dave that I needed to find my old bee suit, made for me by my grandma when I was about 6 years old.  But since I have no idea when and if I'd ever find it at my folks' house, we decided to poke around online looking for a new one for Eddie to wear.  I figured it'd be too expensive, but we found one on ebay for only $50 (suit, gloves, fencing type veil, and a carrying case).  Of course we went ahead a bought it, even though it was listed as being for 4-6 year olds.  He'll grow!

Tim has come over a few nights after work to check the bees but it's always been too hot for Eddie to suit up.  Heck, some nights I didn't even want to.  But tonight it was nice and cool so he got to try the suit out for the first time.

Oh good heavens.  Have you ever seen anything so cute?  

He hath approcheth the hive.
Here we go!  My little Umpa Lumpa was able to walk surprisingly well in that huge suit.  
Mama and her pint sized bee keeper.  His Papa John is going to be so happy to have another helper with honey harvest this summer!
Eddie and first looked at the big hive, but since these bees were outright mean a couple of weeks ago, we decided to leave that one closed tonight (they bred out into local Davis bees are not as nice as calm as they once were).
We looked in the "nuc" hive for a new queen (as in, nucleus).  And while we didn't find her, we had fun looking and were able to see evidence that a queen hatched.  So maybe we'll find her next time.

Did you find the queen, Tim?
Tim was explaining that he could see honey and pollen in that frame.  Eddie responded with, "Oooooooh."
Eddie did very, very well in his suit.  He was a good listener about where to stand and what to not to touch.  He adores his "friend Tim" and listened to him very intently, watching for the queen and whatnot.  It was beyond adorable.  Next time Amanda will bring her suit along so she can get closer to the hive with us.  As it was, she took a bunch of the pictures for us (I took a few closer up so you can see Eddie's adorable widdle face better).

Isn't this just the most adorable thing you ever seen, ever?!

And if pictures weren't enough, here's a video, too.


Mariah said...

so cute~!

Kaitlin said...

that is adorable! why doesn't tim have gloves on?