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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day in the Life: Thursday

Today I took a picture of whatever I was doing for each hour that I was up.  I chose today because it was (supposed to be) pretty typical: school, daycare, etc. There was only one little hiccup but it turned out okay.  This quarter I am not teaching and I'm only attending my grad group seminar and our lab meeting each week.

7am: I started the coffee and then got to work cleaning up the kitchen.  It sucks that it's so dark  now in the mornings. Come on November 4, I need my light.
8am: Cooking breakfast, watching the news (Eddie was watching a Mickey show in the living room).
9am: Bike packed up and ready to go...sort of.  I wish I'd have been organized enough to have Eddie in the trailer already.
But who am I kidding?  We never leave the house before 9am.
10am: Weighing out samples on the microbalance.  I listen to This American Life while I do lab work like this.  I listen to the podcasts backward chronologically.  Right now I'm in the middle of 2001 and it only goes to 1995.  I better finish up this PhD before I run out of shows.
11am: Backing up my data using Dropbox.   Like my Tupperware footrest?
12pm: Lunch was leftovers.
1pm: Trying to do some stuff in R.   
2pm: Still trying to do some stuff in R. The subset function changed some variables into NA instead of  numbers. Not only was that weird, it was really annoying.
3pm: Coffee time!  Don't laugh, but I drink decaf during the day now and it has plenty of caffeine to keep me going until bedtime.
4pm: Cassie texted to say that Eddie had a bit of a cough and after his super long nap (3 hours!) he refused to get up from his mat because he said he didn't feel good. So I biked home in some crazy wind to get the car, assuming he was too sick to want to bike home in the trailer. Turns out, he was fine (minus a small cough). I think his post-nap crankiness conned them into thinking he was sick. This stunt makes me worried about how he'll act when he's a teenager...
5pm: We picked up our CSA basket on campus. I put everything away while Eddie watched a show.
5pm: Just wanted to include a pic of Eddie and the doggies watching some Mickey show.
6pm: I shelled beans while Eddie watched even more of that Mickey show. He couldn't tell that I had ear buds in and was listening to another episode of This American Life.  Shhhh, no need to burst his bubble that I don't enjoy his kid shows as much as he does.  I paid juuuuuuust enough attention to it to answer Mickey when he asked which tool was needed to save so-and-so.
7pm: I watched the debate while I made dinner. Ryan reminds me of a hotter version of Gabe from The Office.
8pm: Eddie took a poop break from bath time.
9:30pm: Doggies were getting the bed all warm and hairy for me.  Dave's ETA tonight is 11pm.


Kristen said...

What a day Julie! You are super woman! I think I'll be borrowing this idea sometime next week. :)

Mariah said...

How do you keep your white stove top so clean? I am a horrible sauce bubble over type girl and it seems impossible to get it all off!?

steph.kelley said...

What a fabulous idea! Yessir, may have to appropriate this one... :))) Fun to see you in your office and other natural habitats. xoxoxo