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Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick Update

Apologies for not posting recently.  I'm sure you were all waiting impatiently at home for me to post something.  We were in San Deigo last week for a beach vacation, sandwiched between spending time in Livermore at my parents' house, and wrapped up with a day/night at Edward's apartment and then a family birthday party for my mom's 70th birthday.  So...we've been busy.

Here's a quick look at upcoming post topics:

There was a conveniently timed heat wave to wrap up the summer while we were in San Diego.
We went to San Diego to crash the Jones' 40th wedding anniversary/family reunion.  Just kidding, we were invited!

We had a fun party at their oldest son's Cross Fit gym, where we had done "a Cross Fit" that morning.  Ouf, my upper body took quite a beating.

We ate at McDonald's 4 times on that trip.  I love fast food for breakfast, but I did discover that the salads are also super yummy (and the whole milk latte's).  Dave and I laughed when we found ourselves having to convince Eddie to eat the nuggets and fries from his happy meal.  He just wanted the milk and apple slices.  
Our vacation rental condo was about 30s from Mission Bay beach so we went every night for an hour until it got too dark to see.

In Livermore, my dad's garden was going gangbusters, thanks to the heat (and that he didn't plant it until June).  I took all of this produce home.

When we got back to Davis I paid $8 (!!!!) for this gallon of milk, but found these cans of coconut milk discounted down to only $1.59 each (30% off).  Dave went to Safeway on Sunday and found organic milk for less than $6/gallon.  Local is good, but it's expensive.  (For record's sake, gas was $4.23/gallon in Livermore before we left for San Deigo and it was $4.89/gallon in Davis on Sunday.)
Eddie and I spend Friday in Mountain View with Uncle because a) I forgot to arrange for childcare and b) I had a Groupon voucher for CuriOddessey to use up. Uncle tried to ride his bike to meet us at CuriOddessey but got a flat.  Eddie had a good time "helping" him fix it that night.

Saturday we celebrated my mom and Uncle Bill's 70th birthdays at Royer Park in Roseville, a park they played at as children since their house was only a block away.

Taking pictures of the birthday people was difficult with so many kids running around!

Edward and Jennifer rode the 39 miles from Davis to Roseville for the party but hitched a ride with us that evening.  Check out my minivan: living up to its potential!

Sunday we ran errands and took Eddie to Hometown Buffet for lunch.  He did a pretty good job of eating and staying in the booth while we ate.  We bribed good behavior out of him with promises of a blue Icee and cake from the dessert station.

I gave the boys haircuts and after Eddie was bedded down, Dave took the doggies to the park for their nightly romp.  He has them trained sooooooooo much better than I do.  They stay (impatiently...Ruby shakes with anticipation) until he says, "okay" with a sweep of his hand and then they run off to the baseball diamond at the park.
More will come later.  These pictures are from my phone.  I have more and better pictures on the actual camera of our adventures to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Safari Park, plus pictures of the awesome beach house, etc.

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steph.kelley said...

Hardly a "quick" update — this is jam-packed! What a lot of fun. Love seeing y'all enjoy yourselves (especially in some nice ridiculously-late-summer Cali HEAT). xoxo