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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Davie!

Today Dave turned 31.

He is his mom's 4th (and most handsome, at least in my opinion) son.  She got up from bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night about a month before she was due to give birth.  Her water broke right into the toilet and Dave's dad yelled, "Hey what was that? I heard that!"  So off the drove the hospital in Santa Rosa where a hefty 9-ish pound Dave was born about 4 week early.  His dad wasn't present for his brother's birth 18 months before because at the hospital the doctor said it'd be a few more hours until the action began.  And since "town" is so far from home, he decided to make the most of it and go buy a much-needed new vacuum.  Of course, in the hour he was gone Michael was born.  I love those stories.

My mom came to Davis on Friday night so she could attend my high school friend's baby shower the next day.  It was also nice because she was able to celebrate Dave's birthday with us.  She treated us to pizza for a new-park-picnic on Saturday and bought him an ice cream cake, too.
Eddie and my mom played on the swings.
And then I joined the fun, too.  I could swing all day.

Dadda's 31!
After the Saturday baby shower for Kristin, my mom and I used my Groupon for half off a $40 order at a Sacramento Indian market.  I went a little crazy and bought $70 worth of I made Dave an Indian feast on Sunday night for his special dinner.
Everything was really, really good.  L-to-R clockwise: Raita, poha puloa, moong-masoor dal, naan, saag paneer (actually collards, not spinach), butter butternut squash, and basmati rice cooked correctly (soaked/boiled/steamed, not just steamed in my rice cooker). We were calling the squash thing "butter buter nutsquash" instead because it was funnier sounding.  Basically, it's butter chicken with squash instead of chicken.  And for the record, it was dang near identical, just sweeter.
It was a yummy meal indeed.
He was also spoiled with some nice gifts--a giant insulated coffee thermos from Eddie and a work light, lollipops, and coffee gift cards from my parents.  I was going to get him a really cool gift but then he strongly hinted that he wanted his fancy miter saw, which was on special at Lowe's.  So he signed up for a 10% discount code to make it an even better deal and bought himself a gift from me.  Well, happy birthday.  He'll have to wait for his other super cool gift from me at Christmas or something.
Eddie's present is in the blue paper--big surprise.  I love the other wrapping paper and I'd totally wear a blouse in the print.  My mom said she bought it back in the 1980s on a trip to see my grandparents in Alabama.
Just now he and I went out to sushi lunch since it's free on your birthday.  It was super delicious, as always.  Tonight we'll have some more cake with Eddie before my beloved takes off to Gualala for yet another workweek.  (For those of you counting--maybe that's just me and Dave--there are only about 10 more workweeks between our divided family and our one-roof family life.  Woo!)

Happy, happy birthday, my love!  You're the best husband, friend, and baby daddy I could ever ask for.  Mauh!

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steph.kelley said...

Happy birthday Dave! What a nice celebration: park and ice cream cake sounds ideal. My my. And wow, 9 lbs before he was even due?? Good thing he didn't wait, or his mama would have had to push out an 11-pounder! :D xoxoxo