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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Rose Photo 2013

Last night after class I biked Eddie and I home as fast as I could so we could take a family photo in front of our rose vine.  The weather had suddenly turned quite cold, with dark clouds so this year's pictures are quite dark, but that's okay.  (Maybe they can be lightened in Photoshop or something?)

I love our rose. And I love our family.  Combining the two is makes them each twice as nice!
2013. Eddie put on his smug face for this one.
2013. Eddie and his anime face.
Dave and Eddie climbed up on the board and surfed.

An outtake.  There were a LOT of these.  My poor technophobe mom was taking the pictures with my phone, too.  
Our family has only managed to take a picture in front of this rose twice before.  Too bad we missed 2011.

Sadly or happily, this is our last picture in front of it.  I guess I should plant another one in Gualala to continue this spring time tradition.


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steph.kelley said...

Wild roses have such a strong, luscious smell. Intoxicating. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Doug had a massive yellow rose that covered their whole garage and smelled amazing in bloom. Sigh! PS: Your kid is BIG! :) xoxoxoxo