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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why no blogging?

I wrote this last week and forgot to post it...the story of my life.

Goodness, have I ever gone a whole month without posting anything?  Probably. I looked at the archives on the blog recently (looking for a recipe I know I posted in a partiuclar month) and it was interesting to see how many posts I created for every year. It has gone down, down, down steadily.


It seems that life never slows down, lets up, gives in, or calms down. There's always more more more going on. More commitments, more distractions, more house to deal with, more people to deal with, etc. It seems to happen without my consent!  Just kidding. Since moving up here my schedule is less predictable. And our giant, disorganized house is a lot to keep up with. Add John and Dave into the meal mix and I'm always busy.  Plus, I'm trying to save the airport, volunteering on a board of directors, TAing at Davis (I had to be registered as a full time student to qualify for graduation after being on leave), and working with a local group of folks to start a daycare in Gualala. Oh yeah: and my dissertation isn't done yet. (Closer than last month, though!)

Last week was slated to be very productive. I had a load of gardening planned, a goal of submitting another chapter to my committee for review, and more. But then I got strep throat. With a 103.5F fever and so much pain in my throat, the week was lost. I was so sick I couldn't even consider watching a show to pass the time. I just laid in bed trying to sleep but mostly staring at the ceiling.

This week is going better. On Wednesdays I usually spend the day in Point Arena. I drive Eddie to school (instead of have him take the bus) then get breakfast at the co-op. Once the library is open I work there until the afternoon movie starts at the theater (if I want to watch whatever is playing). Today is Le Weekend. The description sounds like something my mom would have LOVED so I'll probably go. I always get a small bucket of the organic popcorn with real butter (swoon!) instead of eating a proper lunch. The movie gets out just in time to pick Eddie up from daycare. Wednesdays are pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day planting our garden. I know, I know, it's nearly June. But we didn't have time to get it done any sooner...and better late than never.

This weekend Eddie and I will go to my brother's house to visit and so Jennifer and I can "run" in the Bay to Breakers. I put "run" in quotes because--let's be honest--there's no way I'll be running the whole thing. I can do 3 miles straight and only SLIGHTLY want to die. Seven miles would kill me. But I'll try. It'll be a run-walk-run-walk situation I'm sure. And besides, it's like a fun costume parade so we definitely won't be the only ones walking!

Thursday Eddie will get his last kindergarten shots. I can't believe he'll be in real school in a few months. Most people already have a second or third child by the time their oldest enters school. People keep asking us when we'll have another baby and at this point we often look at Eddie being crazy (whining about everything, bouncing off the walls with, refusing to do anything when asked, etc.) and think, "Do we really want to have another one?  We are exhausted with THIS ONE!"  Four-five year old boys are definitely a good form of birth control.

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steph.kelley said...

Life is BIZ-AY! :) Hang in there — you are doing tons of important things and hey, at least we get to see some of them on your Facebook page. :) xoxoxo