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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Bowers Still Exist


Long time no blog, eh?  Well, we're still alive. We're just busy. I promise I'll hop back on here after I file my dissertation.

In the meantime, here's a very quick look into my life at the moment.
I'm currently house/garden/18-year-old-cat sitting for my dad while he and my brother are up in Gualala helping Dave work on the house. This is my dissertation station on the kitchen table.
I set up a work station in the studio apartment of the property my dad recently bought in Gualala. It's just two doors down from the Coast House and makes a nice retreat. And since there's no wifi I tend to get a lot done!
On Wednesdays I drive Eddie to/from school as a treat to him. While he's at school, I write in the teen section of our local library.
This handsome guy went mushroom hunting with Eddie and me on Monday. We found LOTS of king boletus. He's pointing to one. You really need a keen eye to find them among the pine needles and grass.
Eddie is now in kindergarten. How did that happen?!  I cannot figure out where the time has gone.

He seems to be doing very well academically. For the last month he's been having some issues pushing his friends and sometimes not listening well to the teacher in the afternoon. I'm hoping it's a phase but I do worry that it'll get worse so we're trying really hard to nip it in the bud (role playing, talking about using verbal communication instead of his body language when he's frustrated, advice from the local family resource center, talking with the teacher every few days for updates, etc.). This behavior coincides with a new, annoying habit of chewing on cloth--like this backpack straps or shirt collar. So it might be stress...? Sigh, parenthood is not always fun or easy.

But dang if he ain't the handsomest boy ever!

I have no idea what led me to the blog...I was just finishing a lit review for my calorimetry chapter...I think it's time for a coffee before I get back to work....

See you in December!

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Ms. said...

I know I am not quite qualified but I have had my fair share of parenting wut wut. I heard that chewing on cloth can be a sign of low iron. Either way mine does it when he is feeling antsy and needs a good snack aka as we call it "protein power". School adds a different social stressor for kids.woo woo dissertion. I can't help but picture a dead frog. I know its the wrong word but its intwined now...I can't stop it. I wish you all the best brain power and For your cute Eddie Kindergartener! I love his transformers shirt!