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Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here we are before us kids went to an ugly sweater party. Before we left, Edward jokingly asked my dad if he wanted to come along...then he realized my dad was wearing an ugly sweater (his everyday sweater). But he hadn't asked my dad because of his sweater. It was pretty funny!
Us kids raided my parents' closet for ugly sweaters. The one I'm wearing is my dad's and I used to wear it in high school. It isn't ugly but is very Chandler Bing. Dave's sweater isn't ugly either but was the only one in the house that fit him. Edward looks like he plays for the "other" team in that turtleneck zipper sweater--it was my grandmas! The party was a few days before Christmas at our middle/high school friends' house. Dave and I was definitely the oldest people there (by age, maturity, and preferred bedtime). We felt very out of place when people offered us paper cups of jello shots and cans of Bud Light. Gross. It was weird to see all the people at the party who I hadn't seen in about 10 years--to them I am still "Ed's sister."

Our family Christmas celebration this year was pretty mellow. Most years I insist on decorating the whole house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Given all the craziness over the past few months I had to let this go for lack of energy. In fact, our only Davis decorations were the lights remaining on the roof line from last year.

We didn't decorate in Livermore either (Dave and I spent our holidays with my family)--we didn't even get a tree! We meant to, but with all the shopping and other errands we just ran out of time. It turned out to be okay since we spent Christmas night at the Chin's house in Concord (Edward's girlfriend's parents' house). They had a lovely tree and the house looked beautiful. Her mom's side of the family was there and Allison was Head Chef that night. She made all sorts of delicious food, including cioppino soup, prime rib, Brussels sprouts, fried rice, mushrooms, a sherbet jello ring, mashed potatoes, and gravy. My contribution was a double loaf of olive bread, per Christoper's request (Allison's little brother). She even made two pineapple upside down cakes for dessert just because it is my dad's favorite!

Mr. Chin carving the meat:
Mommy and Davie (notice the slippers):
We exchanged gifts with the Chins and our immediate family while all her aunts/uncles/cousins went through a flurry of gift-giving of their own. Allison was so thoughtful this year--she knew my mom wouldn't be up to getting us all stocking presents like she usually does so Allison did it for us! Check out our "stockings," haha:
We left their house to go back to Livermore around 9pm since Edward, Dave and I were getting up at 5:30am the next day to drive down south for our cruise. More on that later...

I was so thankful that Allison's family invited us to their house. It was fun, the food was great, and it was easy on my mom. My only complaint is that my darling husband didn't even get me a present! Knowing he would be in Gualala most of the time right before the holidays and therefore unable to shop, I told him that a Twix candy bar (my favorite) would suffice for me to open during the gift exchange. And he didn't even do that (I mean come ON...even gas stations sell candy bars!!!). I'm giving him a hard time only because this is a recurring theme over the last few years. I love opening presents and I am annoyed that he didn't even humor me with something lame wrapped in paper that I could open. But I guess I still love him anyway. =)

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