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Monday, May 24, 2010

9 Months Later...

We've not really had to buy any clothes for Eddie since we received SO much stuff at his showers and people have been very generous with hand-me-downs. It is always fun to go through the next batch of clothes when putting them away and even more fun to pull out the next size when he's ready to use them. It's like shopping!

Somehow Eddie ended up with the same outfit in newborn size and in 12 month size. Although it is a very "Julie" thing to do, I can't take credit for having them both--I think they must have been shower gifts.

I was super excited when I found a second stripped outfit. Dave was outside at the time and I ran out there to show him. He just looked at my blankly because he had NO idea that we ever owned anything like it before. Gah! Just like a man to not remember anything about clothing...

Despite his poor memory, he was a good sport and helped me (attempt) to pose the same pictures of Eddie on the changing table. Unlike his slothy newborn self, Eddie was NOT interested in staying still for the pictures so they are not perfect. He wanted to get down off that table to crawl around instead of let his weirdo parents put dirty money on his face. But you get the idea anyway.

Two days old:
Nine months, 3 days old (look at how big is ear is now, compared to the quarter!):
Two days old with Grandpa:Nine months, 3 days old with Daddy:

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mu rye uh said...

aww so cute. I've had some copies of clothes and I think its fun too and hand me downs are the best!