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Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I'm not gonna lie--my first Mother's Day as a mama started out "eh" but ended up being quite nice. In true Julie fashion, all I really wanted to do that day was to stay home with my boys and work in the garden. (I also wanted to get my nails done but I'm cheap AND most salons are closed on Sundays so I figured I wouldn't be able to do that anyway.)

But when a little birdie told me that my mom was pouting because I hadn't planned anything for "her" Mother's Day, I realized I was going to have to trade my rubber muck boots and jeans for a skirt and make up to go out for high tea with some lovely ladies. I did realize at some point that it was my FIRST Mother's Day and she hadn't planned anything for me. (Whatever...)
My mom, Gayla and Amanda Lucas, and I went out for a girls-only luncheon at Ciocolat in Davis and then got our nails done (my mom found a place that was open!). The food was super yummy and overly filling...course after course of little sandwiches, cakes, quick breads, and fruit with cream. Unlike last year I got to sip on a free mimosa, too, which lightened my mood quite a bit. =)
We ended up having a really good time; chatting with Amanda while our toes were soaking at the salon was really fun. The massage chairs we were sitting in were a little bizarre, though. Our faces kept changing from normal having-a-pleasant-conversation-together to painful-and-unsure as the massaging mechanism moved up and down our backs, pounding and jabbing somewhat randomly.

My mom and I both ended up getting purple nail polish on our toes!
I was bitter about not getting any special treatment on my very first Mother's Day, but I'm over it. In the end it was more important to pamper my mom since I know that in reality I have more of these specials days ahead of me than she does.


mu rye uh said...

Sounds like a fun outting even though it definitely was not Ideal. LOL and wow, sometimes I think its sucks to be the child who makes the effort to please a parent who seems hard to please some of the time (passive aggresively of course), but yes i think extra brownie points in heaven.

huntfamily said...

im pretty sure mothers day was the worst holiday ever created.

steph.kelley said...

haha! I might agree with huntfamily... :D But still, a nice day to spend with your mama.