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Friday, May 28, 2010


Jeez...why did I have to write that last post? The universe must have seen it as boasting (even though it most definitely was NOT) because only 24 hours later our household was hit by a stomach bug. Ick.

I started feeling icky (tired and nauseous) at school in the afternoon but figured I just hadn't had enough water that day since I'd mostly had only coffee. When Eddie and I got home I tried to nurse him laying down so I could rest but had to yank us both to the bathroom instead.

Let me tell you: sitting on the pot and leaning over to the tub to barf repeatedly while pulling your baby away from the tub to see what you're doing is NOT easy.

I made it through feeding Eddie dinner.

He had to have a bath in the kitchen sink since our tub was definitely out of commission until I could clean it (what a nasty, nasty task). Not two seconds after I got him settled in the sink I had to wrap his wet body up in a towel and run to the other bathroom for a repeat episode (except into the wicker waste basket--don't worry, I threw the whole dang thing away afterward).

Luckily I made it through nursing and bedding him down for the night. Somewhere in there I called Dave and told him to come home--I had no idea how long the illness would last or if poor Eddie would get it.

Dave--my savior--got home that night around 11pm and slept on the couch and made sure to wash his hands after touching pretty much anything in the house. He took care of Eddie pretty much all day Thursday, during which time Eddie threw up a few times and had diarrhea. It is amazing how nothing phases a baby--they don't know they can feel sorry for themselves so they just keep trucking on.

Eddie seems almost back to normal today, I'm definitely on the mend...and now Dave is sick. I feel so bad having him come down here to help me and then he gets sick, too. =(

I think we caught the bug from Anthony, who apparently was sick last week. His mom didn't actually TELL me he had been sick until she picked him up from my house on Tuesday (I'd commented on his loose stool). GOD! Everyone knows it is common courtesy to share knowledge of illness among childcare associates--ESPECIALLY stomach bugs! Another little boy I watched for a few hours on Tuesday apparently barfed on Thursday, too. I made sure to tell Cassie about it and she said she'd spread the word around the daycare for everyone else to keep an eye out for it.

I know this type of thing is all a part of parenthood...but it SUCKS.


huntfamily said...

im soooooooo sorry! i'm a firm believer that moms should NEVER get sick, but unfortunatley that doesn't happen. im glad you're startng to feel better and hope dave gets over it quickly!

mu rye uh said...

ugh I am sorry. It definitley sucks and yes, that it total common courtesey. Even when people say its Ok for us to come over I usually don't because I don't want to spread things. Ugh Ugh. Barfing is the worst!

steph.kelley said...

Julie, I'm so sorry. You are a trooper, as are Eddie and Dave too. Glad you are on the mend...hope the same for your boyos. All my love!! xoxo