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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Another Weekend

For the first time in about 3 weeks, I got to SLEEP IN. Dave's been sick for the last few weekends so I had to be on full time Eddie-duty, whereas normally Dave takes that on for me so I can have a much anticipated break. On Saturday Dave took Eddie to have bagels downtown for breakfast. I still had to wake up to nurse him in the morning but after that I got to snuggle back down in the covers until I felt like getting up. It was pure heaven.

Saturday afternoon was relatively much so that I can't actually think of anything we did in particular. Dave and I ran a few errands in Woodland with Eddie (buying more chicken feed and dog frisbees at Tractor Supply Company, went to Target to buy toothpaste for Eddie, and to Michael's to buy more yarn since I'm trying to learn to knit). OH! How could I forget? We ORDERED WINDOWS!

Windows have been one of my top priorities since we bought our house. We have the original, single-pane, aluminum casement windows...I swear if you look at them wrong they'll just crack. Flies and wind come through, even when they are "closed." Worst of all they are UGLY. I've also wanted to paint the house since the day we moved in, but that had to wait until we replace the windows since we'll have to redo all the stucco around each and every window. And since windows are super expensive in terms of both money and effort Dave made me wait. (Granted, we had to save enough money for them...and lucky for me, Dave was prompted to get them done this year so we can qualify for a hefty PG&E rebate).

There are 10 windows (and one sliding glass door) on our house and we only ordered 5 so far. The others will require some major overhauling before we can even figure out what size we want.

On Sunday I decided to get up with my boys so we could have a family breakfast at IHOP (gross I know, but we honestly love it). Eddie was such a good boy and sat in his high chair the whole time our food was there. Ever since he started crawling he's lost interest in eating (for me anyway, he'll always eat for his non-parental caretakers, Cassie and Morgan). And it is even worse now that he can walk. There have been very few times when Dave and I have both been able to eat our entire meals without wrangling him in our laps or taking him outside to play while the other one gets to eat.

That afternoon Dave made and installed a cabinet door for the garage sink so Eddie won't be able to get into all the cleaning products I have stashed under there. He also installed another paneled door in the hallway (goodbye ugly 1950s overly-painted doors with hideous brass knobs!).

With Edward's help I made a double batch of zucchini muffins for the freezer, started some more fruit leather in the dehydrator (apple-pear-cherry-blackberry), did lots of laundry and other cleaning.

I'm super excited about this coming weekend--Labor Day--because we're going to Gualala for honey harvest, blackberry picking, swimming the dogs in the river, and a trial run of apple pressing. This will be the last time for a long time that we'll get to stay at the Coast House where we lived last year during maternity leave last year--as of September 15 it will be rented out. It'll be nostalgic for us to stay there this particular weekend since it will be the one year anniversary of us living there. (As nice as it was to live there, I'm so glad it isn't our permanent home...I'm made for hot weather, not foggy coastal climates!)


Team Roy said...

Windows! How nice Julie. Thankfully our house came with all new windows, we lucked out big time. Glad Dave is feeling better and I'll look forward to seeing what you make from your trip to the coast. It seems like you always have yummy goodies after visits there.

mu rye uh said...

yay for windows! Our house in orem we did the front windows first (moved before we could do the others) but it was soooo awesome we were switching out windows from 1949 with paint and all so you will looooove it! For sure post pictures