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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Note Card

Remember those school fundraisers where you'd have to bug everyone you knew to buy wrapping paper, crappy jewelry, and tins of cookies and nuts? Every time our school would have one my mom would let me pick something out for myself (and she'd buy about 20 rolls of wrapping paper for herself...).

In seventh grade I picked this mug and set of note cards:I still love the mug. It says, "The greatest natural resource any country can have is its children." So, so true!

I used the last note card as a thank you note for one of Eddie's birthday gifts. It made me a little sad since I've had them for so long.

...And it also made me realize what a weird freako seventh grader I was...this was such a 55 year old woman thing to buy!


LSharkey said...

I love it!!

mu rye uh said...

Ha so true. GOodbye last card. And my mom never let me do those fundraisers-I had always wanted to though.

erin said...

seriously, i was thinking, "how old was she when she wanted THAT?" seventh grade. so mature!