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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It is crazy that in the span of a few seconds Eddie went from being a baby to being a toddler. That's right...he's walking! Only about 5 steps at a time, but still walking. While we were in Reno this weekend Dave was getting him ready for his bath up in the hotel room when he took his first real steps (I was finishing my steak-and-lobster-with-a-glass-of-wine dinner downstairs, thankyouverymuch). For the past 3 weeks he's been known to take about1 or 2 unassisted steps toward a fun toy...but it wasn't what I'd call "walking."

He started crawling at the hotel in France and now he started walking at a hotel in Reno. So I guess we should just take him to a hotel whenever he gets close to some new milestone...or maybe keep him away from all hotels so he won't progress and he'll remain my teeny tiny precious baby angel boy forever. =)


Kait said...

yay! I've noticed that my kids also take big "steps" when we're on vacation....asher starting scooching when we were in cali last october and i remember iva started walking when we were in idaho. i think the new environments encourage them to be curious and to discover what ever is around them.

mu rye uh said...

Italy and he will start reading I am sure of it!! Go Eddie!

And I should try finishing my dinner when everyone else is done that sounds really nice!

Team Roy said...

Go Eddie Pie!