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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photo Sequence

I was looking through our picture folder on the computer just now and ran across this amusing sequence of pictures (some I took, some Dave took).

6:47 pm, busy "working" on Uncle's computer (he can get up into the chair all by himself now, where he will sit for a long time tapping on the keyboard and scooting the mouse around):7:22 pm, lost his clothes after dinner, but acquired a pair of headphones:7:23 pm, put the hat on Daddy and continued "working" while Daddy checked his email:7:24 pm, Daddy realized Mama had the camera and so decided to take off the silly hat:Oh how I love these two boys!


mu rye uh said...

OH I love it! I think that should be your Christmas card montage

Kelly said...

I love how in the last picture Eddie and Dave are in the same position, it's like Dave and his Mini Me :D