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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anniversary Date

Edward agreed to baby sit Eddie on Friday night so Dave and I could go see Cars 2 and then eat dinner at Bistro 33. I wore my dress and Dave wore one of his linen shirts we bought for our honeymoon. Isn't it cute that he plays along with my dorky sentimental inclinations? He's the best!After dinner Edward and Jennifer joined us for drinks and dessert at Bistro, while my mom stayed home with our sleeping babe. It was a relaxing way to celebrate our anniversary--and reminiscent of our pre-Eddie days since we don't get to go out for leisurely dates anymore (it is too hard to take your time eating when you know you're paying a babysitter at home!).

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Kaitlin said...

That dress is super cute. And I totally agree with the whole eating out while paying a babysitter...we NEVER go out to eat alone at a sit down restaurant anymore b/c we feel it's such a waste of money (in a few ways, actually)