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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Need a Nasal Douche

I think my head might explode due to sinus pressure. This cold seemed to be on the way out yesterday and this morning I was feeling pretty good (less coughing, less yellow snot). But this afternoon, as I was preparing my lab meeting presentation, my sinuses clogged and I got the WORST headache. Ug.

I got so excited because my professor said I could come along to a municipal composting facility tomorrow for some field work. (Compost + field work = happy Julie) Because today was commencement and he had to be there for some of my classmates' graduations, I was left in charge of gathering all the equipment for tomorrow. That included a mini compressed gas tank of nitrogen so I had to knock on doors asking if we could borrow one. (I wonder who would have been in charge of this if I hadn't decided to come at the last minute??)

But now I feel like I shouldn't go because my sinuses hurt so bad. This whole week, I've felt so icky in the mornings that I should have just stayed in bed. But as a single mama, that's not an option. Since Dave will be here in the morning to be on "Eddie duty", I think it'd behoove me to rest up and finally kick this cold for good. Bleh.

About two years ago I went to the health center because I was sick. Since it seemed to be a viral in fection, the doctor offered me a variety of homeopathic remedies, the best of which was a saline nasal douche bottle. (That's what I call it anyway.) Everyone has heard of a neti pot, but this squirt bottle type they sell in the health center is so much better because it really gets the snot moving and you don't have to hold your head in a weird position. It feels a little like breathing pool water up into your nose at first, but the benefits can't be beat--near-instant clearing of the sinuses and removal of dust/pollen/boogers. Ahhhhh. The next time you have a sinus cold, I HIGHLY recommend trying one of these bad boys.


steph.kelley said...

Sorry you are sick for so long, Julie. It is always a terrible frustration to have to cancel fun plans so that you can recover. Get well soon!!! (PS: Mont used to use a nasal douche every day for allergies — worked okay, but now he's on shots.)

LSharkey said...

The neti pot is the only thing that has gotten me through this awful allergy season without medication. Sinus headaches are NO fun. :(

Kelly said...

Yuck, I was sick this weekend too. Same thing, crazy nasal congestion!! I have a neti pot, and it took FOREVER to get through because my nose was soooo clogged. I will definitely get one of those nasal douches next time. Thanks for the advice and I hope you're feeling better :D