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Monday, June 6, 2011

Marion-Terry Wedding Celebrations!

Eddie's little body knew how much I wanted to go to Berkeley for the wedding for a romantic weekend with when my bumkin woke up on Saturday morning he was nothing but a smiling, chattering, running, happy kiddo.

We packed our bags, had a late breakfast, left a note for Justin (who was hired to come feed the doggies), dropped Eddie at Cassie's, and then headed off to to the bay. It was raining buckets the entire drive, sometimes to the point of having trouble seeing! This really is weird weather for northern California in June.

Our first stop was at Pizza Antica in Lafayette, just a stone's throw from our two first homes as a betrothed couple. We were starving and wanted to take full advantage of our child-free culinary experience so we ordered (and polished off) all of the following food...

A spring veggie chopped salad with dill and goat cheese:
A large fennel sausage pizza and a plate of pan-friend potato gnocchi with a tart tomato cream sauce (the latter is probably my top choice for my last meal on Earth before I die):And wrapped up with a chocolate tart with hazelnuts and caramel sauce.The clouds parted, rain stopped, and sunshine warmed us up as we took a walk down memory lane. We stopped to look at our first apartment, a little one bedroom that was so small we had the interior doors removed (except the bathroom) so we could have more useable floor space. Next we headed around the corner to our two bedroom condo, which we upgraded to since it allowed us to adopt Ruby (my first dog ever!).

I had already graduated from Saint Mary's and was a full time working adult when we lived here. Dave was just finished up his last year of college, getting his degree in accounting. He wanted an internship (and later a part time job) and lucky for him, the small firm right next door to our condo hired him! It was great because he could do homework right up until his shift started AND he was so close to home that he could check on Ruby and let her out to go potty. Below you can see our condo on the left and his office building (converted house) on the right.Just as we got back to our car to drive to the hotel, it started pouring again. I made some comment about how I HATE wearing glasses in the rain because they catch rain drops...and then it dawned on me that I had FORGOTTEN MY CONTACTS at home. I hate wearing my glasses when I dress up, mostly because I don't like the way I look in glasses and also because they don't usually match the dress. (Yes, I want my accessories to match, color-wise.) My supportive husband simply re-routed us to the nearest Marshall's via the GPS so I could get a different dress (one that was black to match my glasses--not brown like the one I'd brought).

I grabbed several dresses and went to try them on. When I look for clothing, I flip through the racks, bypassing things that are not "me." Well, for some reason I grabbed a ridiculous zebra-print dress that was clearanced to only $10. I thought, "What the heck?" And wouldn't you know, that's the one I chose. I couldn't believe it fit (it is a size 3). Dave approved, so I scooted off to the shoe department for some black heels. Here we are, gussied up for the wedding. For my picture, Dave told me to think about Eddie,thus my happy squwunch face and flexed arms....hahaha.
We got to the Hotel Shattuck Plaza with enough time for me to give Dave a haircut, him to shower, and us to get dressed. The GPS led us astray with the directions to "the" Brazilian Room but we got to the wedding site with about 15 minutes to spare (apparently, there is a restaurant in that part of the bay with the same name as the wedding site in Tilden Park where we actually wanted to go). Whew! I was sooooooooo sad for a few moments as we were turning around, thinking I was going to miss seeing John get married.

The ceremony was originally scheduled for the afternoon at the redwood grove, with the reception that evening inside. But with the rain, they decided to hold the ceremony inside, just before dinner. It worked out great, and it was a really, really lovely ceremony. Christina was radiant, for three reasons: because of her pretty dress, because she's beautiful to begin with, and because she was beaming with that yay-I-get-to-marry-my-love-today! vibe. I could tell that John was deliriously happy (and handsome), too. Stephanie and Rob both recited poems and John's sister, Laura, sang a beautiful song (how she did it without crying, I don't know).

Dave and I were very pleased with the food choices at the wedding, so our weekend goal of eating delicious food was totally met. There were three stations, each with different dishes and one of John's wines to match. Mmmm, I ate a lot of paella!

After eating, drinking, toasting, dinging on our wine glasses to make the couple kiss a LOT, and desserts, we got to dance. It was so fun! Dave and I haven't gotten to dance like that since Robby and Tina's wedding five years ago! Another highlight was getting to chat with my friends' parents, who I haven't necessarily seen in a while. We stayed until the end so we could decorate the newlywed's car with tin cans, umbrellas, and lip stick...and so we could send them off through a cloud of bubbles. By the time we got to the hotel, I could tell that the cold I had been ignoring had caught up to me. My sinuses were so stuffy that I couldn't go to sleep so poor Dave had to walk to a gas station to buy me some decongestant. I didn't sleep very well, but did have some vivid dreams I must have slept a little, right?

Our room package included breakfast in the hotel's restaurant (Five). I chose the duck confit has with Hollandaise sauce and Dave had eggs Benedict with ham. Both were good, but nothing with that sauce can be beaten by Cafe Bernardo's eggs Bernardo. We considered stopping at the "Asian ghetto" on Durant for some bubble tea before we drove home, but we were too full from breakfast. Plus we missed Eddie too much! So we made a quick stop at Winco (refried beans, Asian sauces, and bulk rice crackers) and then Costco for gas and coffee beans to take to Gualala. When we arrived at Cassie's Eddie was his cheerful self, more happy to see Dave than me. (No hurt feelings here, sometimes Mamas need the love to be shared!) Cassie was building a rabbit hutch for her two bunnies. We helped her move a GIANT chicken coop into the new chicken yard. Her daycare is changing names and focus in the fall. It'll be daycare plus preschool, with emphases on nature (animals, gardening, etc.) and music.

Despite my sinus cold and cough, the weekend was fantastic! I'm soooooooooo glad it worked out that Eddie could stay with Cassie so we could celebrate with John, Christina, and all our friends. Happy nuptials, Marion-Terrys!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend!! I love that you had to get a new outfit because the dress you brought wouldn't match your glasses, too funny!! But, it worked out amazingly well for such a last minute shopping trip :D

Love the food pictures, it's funny how much food makes or breaks a trip. That pizza place in Lafayette looks so delicious! Jeff and I are going to have to go there.

steph.kelley said...

I absolutely adore your glasses: they are fashion accessories as very few glasses are (mine included)! You did the right thing buying that zebra dress — spectacular match with your glasses, and for only $10 you got your money's worth out of the first 10 minutes in it. :) What a kick that you bought your whole outfit and gave Dave a haircut all on the day of the wedding. Funny funny. I will have to drop in on Pizza Antica to try this gnocchi dish....

Huge fun to see you both this weekend!!!!! XOXOXOXOX