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Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Post

Okay, I am in the library where I've been since this morning working on my proposal (minus lunch at the Union). I got the first draft done up in Gualala a few weeks ago. But then my prof ripped it apart. I felt defeated when I read alllllll his comments. But I slept on it, realized he was mostly right that my organization was terrible and confusing, and happily spent a whole Sunday reworking it. He's on vacation so it took a while to get comments back. I spent most of today adding in "expected results" and splitting one complicated study into two hopefully-less-complicated studies. Whew. I hope to work on it more tonight and send him the 7th (!) draft tomorrow so we can talk about it first thing Monday morning.

One of the professors on my exam committee won't even meet with me until my proposal is done. That seems weird, but since I've never had her for a class, neither of us know what to expect from each other. So the proposal will act as a guide for her to know what I'm proposing to do (duh) and tell me what all she thinks I should know for the exam (ug).

I'll get back to my ultra organized binder of topics to study once I'm satisfied with the proposal.

Dave is going to pick me up in 15 minutes so we can take Eddie to the pool across town. It has a shallow pool but not a zero-entry/beach pool so Eddie actually gets to practice swimming instead of running away from us. Afterward we'll probably get Chinese food. Then I'll watch an episode of Bones until my "second wind" comes around 9pm tonight so I can work work work some more.

I don't know if I should end this crazed post with a manic/motivational exclamation or a sound of frustration. So I'll do both:

Woooooooooo! GAH.


Kaitlin said...

You get a second wind at 9pm?! Good luck...I honestly don't know how you do all that!

Mariah said...

I'm gonna give you a toot from my awesome train "toot!"

Kelly said...

Goooo Julie!!!! Woooooo!!!!

I hope you get some good comments from Will this morning :D