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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Updates

It took Eddie and I a whole ten minutes to walk to the park yesterday. Mind you, the distance from our driveway to the park is less than the length of our house...and it took us allllllllll that time because he kept stopping to pull up his shorts to make sure his bandaids were still on his knees. For the last four months he's had at least one scab on each knee. To me, that means he's really a kid now, and not a baby. In my mind, knee scabs are hallmarks of childhood. I was always scratched up as a kid--from climbing trees, tripping while running, wrestling with my brother, who knows.

We had nachos for dinner tonight. Apparently, Eddie only likes eating chips when HE is in charge of dipping them into the toppings. He wasn't interested in eating his food once I plopped all the goodies on top (cheese, olives, beans, sour cream mixed with salsa, tomatoes). Sigh.

Eddie turns two on Saturday at 10:22am. TWO. Where the HECK did the last two years go? I went to work last year while Edward and Dave hung out with Eddie at the park. The same thing will probably happen this year, too, since I should spend at least half the day preparing for my exam. Maybe next year I'll be able to spend "his" day with him!

Eddie talks non stop these days, to the point of annoyance. Some of his funnier phrases are:
-Oh, goodness!
-Wherediditgo? This is definitely a single word for Eddie (not said rapidly but it does flow all together) and it is adorable to hear him say it and gesture with both hands while lifting his shoulders.
-Mama want a yogurt pop, too? (He gets one frozen Go-Gurt each afternoon and although I never eat one, he always asks if I want one. Isn't he sweet?)
-Mama! Mama! Mama! Where penis? (He asks this when he's wearing a diaper or pants. When he's naked he'll just point to it and tell me where it is.)

I have only three weeks until my exam. The proposal is basically done. Now I need to make my presentation and then do a bunch more reading. After that I'll make some flash cards for tidbits I think I should probably have memorized (like the combustion enthalpies of glucose, cellulose, lipids, and proteins found in plant material). *Hopefully* I'll be able to meet with each committee member within the next week so I can review whatever they think I need to know. The engineering professor can't even meet with me until Monday, which makes me nervous because that gives me only two weeks to study the stuff she recommends. Hopefully it won't be brand new information...since the proposal and my coursework are supposed to create the limits of my expertise. Dang, I should probably look though my class notes this weekend to see if there are any equations that are pertinent.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I think it is because I force myself to stay up late reading or working on the proposal. Although I know I shouldn't, I do. Remember a while ago when I said I wouldn't study at home at all? Hahahahaha. Oh, naive Julie. I am going to read one or two papers tonight and then do something fall asleep while watching Bones.


Kaitlin said...

i can't imagine doing all that studying...i am so not that type of motivated anymore. and the walking to the park thing- welcome, welcome :)

Kelly said...

"Oh, goodness," that is hilarious!! He sounds just like his mama :D

ETX 220 notes were the most helpful to me. I was asked a question that I had just re-learned from those notes the day before the exam.

And to get to sleep in the weeks prior to my exam I took my pulse while I was lying in bed. It's like counting sheep, but it takes more concentration and it got my mind off all the pre-exam stress long enough for me to fall asleep. I still had QE nightmares though.

You're so close Julie, it's almost over!!!

steph.kelley said...

The Eddie-isms are hysterical. Can you puhleeez try to shoot a video of some of that? Sooo funny. And it speaks well for you as a family of manners that Eddie always offers you a Gogurt pop. :D Good to hear your news! Good luck with coping with exam studying. I am rooting for ya. xoxoxo