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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two years later

I looked back at my blog just now to see what I was doing two years ago. Back then I weighed a whopping 186 pounds and was nesting like crazy, antsy with soon-to-be mama anticipation to meet my little guy. And I posted pictures of our changing table set up in the hall bathroom, fully stocked with neatly folded cloth diapers, ointments, and those adorable mini nail clippers.
Today I'm back down to my normal weight but it feels like I make up most of the difference every time I carry Eddie on my hip. Instead of being eager to give birth, I'm a mix of eager and dreadful of my upcoming QE.

But some things never change, like the changing table my dad built for us. It is still going strong!
We've since moved Eddie clothes into the baskets below (rather than keeping them in his room) and are using pocket diapers instead of prefolds. But all of his changes still happen here and it is where he get dressed each morning and toweled off after his nightly bath. A little plastic potty sits at the base now and long ago I threw those ridiculous nail clippers away because, while adorable,they  are more difficult to use than adult sized ones on a baby.
I'm still glad my dad made this table to fit here in the bathroom so we can contain the stink to the bathroom and have a sink for washing hands close by. Some people laughed at my installing the task light under the cabinet...but I'll tell you: that might be the best part of the whole set up.

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