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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter is for Gardening

Gardening on Easter is a tradition for my dad and I.  We're not always together when we're gardening (although many years were are, like here).  After our Bower picnic on Easter morning, we were all pretty tired. Eddie went down for a nap and then Dave and I snoozed with Taters for a bit on the couch.
When I woke up, I realized I still had time to work on the garden beds.  I started shoveling all the soil back into the beds that the chickens have spread around.  After a while Eddie woke up so then I could start up the tiller (his window is on the right of this picture so I can't use loud equipment when he's sleeping).
At first, the rototiller noise sort of scared Eddie, so he chose to watch me out our bedroom window.  But I think his desire to be involved trumped the noise because he did come out for a turn at the handles.
Eventually, all of us were outside tilling the garden beds.   A sprained ankle, missing pants, and an Easter dress are no hindrance to a Bower's desire to play in the soil.
It'll be nice when he's a little taller so he can operate the tiller himself.
The poor chickens did NOT like the sound of tiller so they huddled
into the safety of their pen. Once we were done, they were back out, finding
lots and lots of worms.
I emailed a picture of me rototilling to my dad and asked what gardening he did that day.  He replied back that he'd done a lot, including some work on his deer and bird resistant fruit tree orchard.
It's look quite nice!  And you can see my old Volvo wagon in the picture, too!


Leah Roy said...

Beautiful garden! And I love the first pictures of Eddie in the window watching you.

steph.kelley said...

Tilling in a dress AND pearl earrings: you are quite a gal, Miss Julie! xoxo