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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mommy's Back in the Hospital

My mom has been back in the hospital since Monday.  She is recovering from pneumonia and a severe electrolyte imbalance that caused heart rate elevation/arrhythmia and low oxygen levels.

She didn't want to worry everyone, so she asked me to avoid telling too many people right away.  I did speak to her this morning, and it sounds like the pneumonia is under control so she might get to come home today.  Fingers crossed!

We are lucky that this is the first "blip" she's had health-wise since she was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer three years ago.  Hopefully she'll recover quickly and fully so she can get back to her busy schedule of church duties and spending time with friends and family.

As always, prayers and positive thought are appreciated!


steph.kelley said...

Warmest wishes to your mom and your whole family! She is a real trooper (as are you all); here's hoping a speedy recovery for her. xoxoxo

Kaitlin said...

So sorry! Hope she is home now and doing well. We will definitely keep her in our prayers.

Kelly said...

I hope she's doing much better now!!