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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Guess We're Doing This?

Apparently, at daycare, Eddie will tell Cassie when he needs to pee, and then he'll gladly sit on the potty and pee.  At home, of course, he screams at me when I take off his diaper and suggest that he run around naked.  He loves being naked, usually, so this is odd.

Yesterday, when Cassie told me about his daytime pottying, I felt this urge to just go for it--to try potty training him.  But then I thought I'd give myself at little more time.  Really, other than effort (cleaning, reminding him to use the potty, etc.) my biggest fear/hang-up with potty training him is that I'll do it wrong.  That I'll somehow damage him. All parents have heard those horror stories of potty training gone wrong, where parents instill a sense of fear into their kids, sometimes causing a child to have "poop anxiety" and refuse to poop at all.  Sigh.  Hopefully I'm gentle, loving, and patient enough that I would never actually instill fear of any kind into any of my children, but this is a real worry of mine.

Last night he went around naked after we got home from a "new" park adventure.  And he didn't pee at all.  I put him into his fancy new Thomas underpants but he took them off at some point and I found them on the kitchen counter this morning.  Ewwwwwwwww, such a BOY thing to do.  He also woke up with a dry diaper (total coincidence and the first time that's ever happened).

This morning I made him go diaper-free (he was NOT pleased).  He was helping me make smoothies when he started to pee a little onto the stool he was sitting on.  I told him he should have told me he needed to pee so we could go into the bathroom first.  He said, "Oh, need to pee Mama!"  So off we went to the bathroom.  I ask him which potty he wanted to use (big toilet or his little potty chair) and he danced around while he decided.  Yes, he did the peepee dance!

He settled onto the little potty and peed for eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.  Yay!  And he didn't ask for an M & M treat, so I didn't offer him one.  I'm hoping to only reward with his beloved "chaw-chit" candies when he poops in the potty.  And although he has no idea what I'm talking about, I promised him we could go to Disneyland once he is accident-free for a whole month straight.  (We're going to take him anyway, but this gives me and Dave reason to actually pack up and the magical kingdom, that is, not to go potty...we're already trained, you know.)

We had breakfast at the central park this morning (muffins and smoothies) and he got his diaper and shorts soaked from going down the wet slide.  So when I dropped him off at Cassie's house I removed his shorts and diaper since they were wet with rain water.  Cassie gave him the foam toilet seat insert to take home with us tonight...he was so happy!  He even took it into the art room to show all of his friends.  Haha.

So...what about at night?  Should I put him in diapers?  Or should I buy pull-ups so he knows they are different than diapers?  Help??


Leah Roy said...

Go Eddie! I swear, at the rate we are going Lucy is going to be potty trained before Charlie. But I'm surprisingly ok with it. He won't go to Kindergarten in diapers, right? Right!

As far as night time, I would go cold turkey at night. Underwear, or training pants of some kind. You can find them on Amazon. I'm anti Pull-Ups but that's just me. Charlie knows they are pretty much just like diapers so he treated them that way (peeing and pooping in them). And, if there is ONE thing we have down, its the night time stuff. Charlie pee's in the potty before bed and then I put him in a diaper. Before I got to bed I take him to go to the bathroom again (his diaper is dry at that point). He's half asleep and I pretty much just say "go potty" while I hold him over the pot. And he usually pee's a TON. He is dry in the mornings.

I would put him in underwear at night because he does so well, but I'm also not into "underwear sometimes and diapers sometimes". Once he is in underwear, its BYE-BYE to the dipes. Accidents will happen, but this is how my mind works. Of course, this is what works for us and not necessarily everyone. Just wanted to put in my two cents. Now if we could only get Charlie to do #2 without being scared, we'd be in a whole different ball game!

Good job, Eddie! Good luck, Julie and Dave!

steph.kelley said...

Who WOULDN'T show off their new toilet seat to all their friends? :D Good luck! xoxoxox

Mariah said...

Yes diapers at night and I would say that if he wakes up dry for at least 4 days in a row then forego diapers at night (it took Andrew about a year).

Oh man me too! In the end Andrew is potty trained and Sammy is **there too.

So what works for us was remind remind, when messes don't make a big deal out of it (its too late) then try again.

When we are gone a long time or I knew what the day had been so far I would put a diaper or something on them. Or (less likely and less often) I took EVERYTHING with us potty, wipes, extra stuff. I read so much and books about it I think I tripped my brain circuits. So I think underwear all the time is ideal but I also think if you've been doing it for 4 weeks and they are messing their underwear all the time and as a parent you are so annoyed then you got to get back to just loving and hanging out with each other.

My kids go pscycho half asleep (like if you wake them up to pee they scream like they are possessed). Each kid is so different and that is why kids have all different kind of mommies :)