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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day Weekend 2012

I worked on Saturday but we did get to go swimming at Arroyo Pool while my instrument flushed in the afternoon.  Dave brought a cheap Little Caesar's pizza, soda, and bread sticks combo to the pool...that stuff is so fake and cheap but oh-so-yummy on occasion.  We ate it in the car with the AC on because it was sooooooooo hot outside.  
Not sure why Picasa is adding grey bars to the bottoms of my pictures...but there you go.
Eddie and Dave in the "sooming cool."
Eddie was a sweetie and fed me some of his kettle corn while we dried off.
I've discovered that it works best for Eddie if we go to the pool for the last 1-1.5 hours because he doesn't pitch a fit when it is time to get out of the water when he sees that everyone else is also getting out.  He has a hard time being a "good listener" when we have to leave before everyone else does.  Although he'll cooperate if he knows that we have to leave in order to go to school to deal with my instrument--but only if he gets to accompany me into my building.  He loves to run through the halls and check in the appropriate offices to say hello to my professor, my lab manager, Lucas, and Garrett (the latter three almost always being around on the weekends).

That night Dave made some BBQ chicken and grilled potato "fries," which we ate with the remainder of the lemon Dijion slaw I posted earlier.  It was super hot outside so we opted to eat in the dining room.  After Eddie went to bed that night Dave and I settled in to watch Man on a Ledge, which I swear I'd seen before (I knew the plot, remembered specific scenes, etc.).  But it only came out in January so I doubt I would have gone to see it without Dave.  Weird.

Sunday morning Eddie woke up with a fever of about 100 (I did it via armpit so I usually add a degree to reflect what it'd be under his tongue or in his tush).  He usually will sleep until 8-8:30am so I suspected something was wrong when he cried for us at 7:15am.  Being a good mama and wife on Father's Day, I got up to check on him.  I was super tired since we'd been up until 1am (!!!) watching the movie the night before, so I got him a snack and some water (which he didn't touch), and put on Blue's Clues so I could doze on the couch next to him.  He was clingier than usual so I knew he didn't feel well.  At some point he asked where Daddy was and I directed him to the bedroom.  A couple of hours later, he and Dave emerged from the bedroom, where they'd snuggled up for a snooze together.  His fever was higher and he fussed about needing to go potty.  I went into the bathroom with him and it was so sad, but sooooooooo funny to see him nearly falling asleep on the pot.  I offered him a diaper since he was sick but our proud Potty Trained Boy didn't want one.  At that point we knew he needed some fever reducer medication to help him feel better so he could go about his usual activities (like eating, drinking, and peeing).  A dose of Tylenol later and he was much better.
We did a lot of this on Sunday: snuggling while watching movies.
He alternated between our laps for hours that day. Getting him to sit still for 1 minute is
rare when he's you know he's not feeling well when he'll do it for such a long time.
My plan was to make Dave a special breakfast but we scrapped that plan in favor of watching kid movies and drinking diluted Gatorade instead.  Dave kindly made a run to 7-11 to get some Redbox movies (Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Puss in Boots).  So we spent a good part of Sunday snuggled up on the couch.

Oh man.  I remember in college spending countless weekend days snuggled up on the couch/floor watching movies with Dave.  It was sooooooo nice back then.  But this time made me remember why I don't like to lazy around anymore: lying on the couch made me want to do nothing but lie on the couch some more!  It's like a vicious cycle...all my energy dissipated.  Bleh.

He was feeling pretty good by lunchtime so we made a run to Home Depot for a few things, then Target to get Eddie some new/bigger shoes, and Costco for milk and lunch.  He picked out some pink Crocs, which is hilarious.  I'd been to Target the night before to get a swimming suit for myself and saw that the Davis store didn't have his size in blue Crocs.  Hence why we went to the Woodland store the next day because I assumed he'd want the blue ones.  His favorite colors are blue and pink...and the kiddo chose pink.  We moved the Thomas the Tank Engine Croc decoration from his old/too small shoes to the new pink ones.  They're a little big on him so they are extra adorable on him.  He also picked out some Lightning McQueen sneakers, which are also a bit big.

As we left Target I felt soooooooooooo grateful that we are able to go by him shoes whenever we need to (heck, whenever we want to).  We had to get him new shoes because his old Crocs had gotten so small all of a sudden as to give him a big blister.  I know there are so many families out there that have to trade off clothing purchases with food purchases.  Ug, I'm so glad we don't have to do that.

Poor Eddie: his medication wore off just as we entered Costco and just like THAT his temperature rose and his energy dipped.  We saw one of his classmates there and his mom asked if the boys would like to hug each other.  I explained that he had a fever so we didn't want him touching anyone...come to find out her son also had a fever the night before, after two other kiddos at preschool.  So it was going around daycare.  At least it was just a 24 hour fever.

Anyway, Eddie was upset that we couldn't go to the "sooming cool" that day so we filled up his blue kid pool and let him play with the squirters we gave to Dave for Father's Day.  Of course, they were really for Eddie but don't want to just buy him stuff all the time so we acted like it was a gift for Dadda.

Regarding Father's Day: we gave Dave a card of a crane holding up a pallet of hearts...Eddie thought it was so cool.  His gift was a set of resistance bands to strengthen his ankle (recommended to us by a physical therapist we randomly talked to at the hardware store a while ago) and those squirters.  Having a sick kid on Father's Day really emphasized to us that we are, in fact, parents.  Our kids come first for the rest of our lives!

Dave did get his special breakfast (pancakes with fake maple syrup (his favorite), bacon, and eggs) the next morning since he had to stay home from work to take care of Eddie.  Since Eddie was fever free for 24 hours as of 6pm, we got to go swimming at the Night Swim session.  Eddie LOVED that they had music on...he was a pool dancing fool!  He also loved it when I sang along to the oldies songs and spun him around in the pool.  We went to that same pool again last night and he was disappointed that there was no music!
Dave and I used the giant ladder to tie up the patio grape vines.
They slid down the shade structure pole into a giant heap during that wind
storm the week before.  Eddie decided to help.
Eddie wore his jammies all day Monday, even out to Hawaiian BBQ for lunch.
He looks like a space man (say it like in 30 Rock!) with his socks pulled up and
his giant white sneakers.  Haha.

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steph.kelley said...

Kid in his orange jammies is CUTE! I love imagining you in the pool rockin' to oldies together. How great to have a fun-loving, musical kiddo. Smart move about pool closing time. You devoted parents are just wonderful! Glad Eddie is feeling better now. xoxoxo