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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Locked Out

While running my instrument, I always have the timer set on my phone so I know when a sample is done or when it is done reverse flushing (so I can start the next sample).

Just now, the timer went off, so I left the office and walked down toward the lab to set it up to reverse flush.

Since there have been a lot of office thefts lately, I've taken to keeping the door locked always, instead of just closing the door. And, since I've gotten locked out of the office a few times in the past, I am usually really careful to make sure I have my keys before leaving the office. They are on a lanyard so I can wear them around my neck. But they are heavy so I usually keep them in my back pocket (if I'm wearing something with pockets). BUT since I don't like to sit on my keys, I usually take them out of the pocket and set them on the desk when I'm in the office. Yes, I'm quite complicated. Normally I pat myself down while getting up to make sure my keys are on my body. But this time I didn't for some, short story long: I'm locked out.

The lab has a keypad so at least I was able to set up my instrument. On weekends there aren't usually any professors around, and they are the only folks with a universal key. Luckily, my friend shares an office with me and I know he's coming to work today (he's finishing his dissertation so he works every day).

So since I'm bored, I thought I'd blog via email on my phone. I cleared all the pictures off my phone last week (after letting Google + do auto upload and saving them to my Shutterfly account and laptop) I only have a few from the last week or so.
It was quite hot this week, so one night for dinner we simply had some slaw, raita, and reheated paratha for dinner. It was cool and delicious.
While walking to get coffee on Tuesday, I saw this squirrel all spread out on the ground in the shade. It was funny and I remember thinking, "I wish I could do's soooo hot!"

I gave my students their final exam on Thursday night. It was a two hour exam, but I gave them an extra 30 minutes because I'm nice.
There were two students who are allowed double time because of disabilities. One of them didn't even need the whole two hours...while the other student used the WHOLE extra two hours. In fact, I had to make her stop at 10pm. Gah.

Shannon (my friend who is the grader for the class) and I graded the Scantrons yesterday and we are just about done grading their essay questions in the blue books. They didn't do so well on the Scantron portion of the exam so we will work with the professor to move the distribution a little.

Last night was a "parents' night out" at Cassie's so we had all-you-can-ear sushi. It took SO long to get our food that we totally missed seeing Rock of Ages. Phooey. We went to the fabric store instead and bought the nylon strapping, heavy thread, and curved upholstery/quilting needles I need to repair the bike trailer. Eddie had a great time at Cassie's (as always). When we got home, we all had some ice cream before brushing teeth and going to bed.
Some nights it is just too hot and we're too tired to argue with Eddie about his preferred eating spots.
The night time low last night was only 62F so the house didn't cool down much, even with all the fans in every window. It was 73F in the house when we left this morning so I expect our AC has already turned on by now (it's set for 78F).  It's supposed to reach 103F today! Dave and Eddie have a bunch of indoor plans today (visiting me at work, going to Home Depot, Costco, and the tractor museum) after they playing at the park this morning. If Eddie can handle it, we'll go to the pool at 1, while my instrument flushes for 1.5 hours.

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steph.kelley said...

I'm only half sorry you're locked out — because I loved this post! :) (But really, too bad about the keys...) Your kid on the counter with Taters below is too funny. xoxoxo