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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sixth Anniversary

Goodness, time has flown!  We didn't realize it was about to be our anniversary until just a few days before.  Of course, we then realized there wasn't time to plan a celebratory anything since we'd made plans with the Michael Bowers and I had decided to work.  The latter was nixed, obviously.

Whew...six years!

We've grown a lot in the past year: feeling the emotional support while studying for major career-defining exams, working through figuring out what we want the next "season" of our lives to look like and how to make it happen, and navigating this thing called parenting together (talking about what's happening in Eddie's development, anticipating his next stage, and agreeing on how to handle it).

As always, there have been disagreements, but I think we do well working together to figure out how to handle it.  And while I may think single parenting is tough, I know it isn't easy for Dave, as a parent and partner.  He doesn't get to see Eddie everyday and therefore he has to deal with me telling him what works for us (Eddie and me) in our house, and please don't mess with what works.

In what seems to have become the regular (and unfortunate) trend in our family, we didn't celebrate our anniversary at all but agreed to "do something later."  Just like we didn't celebrate either of our 30th birthdays OR passing our exams.  We have ideas on what we'd like to do for each/all of these milestones, but they require money/time/childcare/vacation from work that we just don't have right now.  And that's okay!  Someday though, I swear.

I love you, Mr. Bower, and can't wait to spend another zillion years being your crazy wife.  I hope I've been as good to you as you've been to me over the last year.

While cooking last night, I reminisced a little about our wedding reception during
which we gave these fun spoons as favors.  As you can see, they get a lot of use in our
kitchen still!  In fact, the top one is wet because I pulled it out of the pot of
vegetable stock I was making in order to take this picture.  We branded our names
 and the year on the handle of each spoon, and then wrapped each handle with a piece of
paper with some favorite recipes on it.  
The top spoon was our "trial" spoon--we quickly realized that we need to make a flat spot on the handle for the brand to make it look best.  I love this spoon the most, because the handle is adorned with all manner of full and partial brands.  
This was our wedding announcement: a bumper sticker sized magnet with some
silly pictures my dad had taken.  Originally the middle box was grey (no picture), but
then my dad found the picture you see above and suggested we use it.  I think
it's hilarious.  I posted this on Facebook last night and was overwhelmed by how
many people admitted that they still have our wedding magnet on their fridges, too!
 So what did we do six years after getting hitched?  
We took Eddie to see Madagascar 3 and we all loved it. Afterward, he "helped"
this guy play a shooting game, all while yelling "pew pew pew I shooooot!"
We spent the evening making pesto with Mike and Bernie and their friends.
Eddie and Zennie had a grand time playing with the water outside on the patio.  
I handed Baby Johnny over for just a moment so he could get some loving from his Uncle Davie. 
Our loot: 6.5 jars of "regular" basil pesto (basil, pine nuts, oil, Parmesan cheese,
and loads of fresh basil from Mike's remarkable garden), and 3 jars of basil-mint
pesto with mint from our Davis garden.
So really, just like on our wedding weekend six years ago, this day was filled with good food and family.  And who can complain about that?


Leah Roy said...

Happy Anniversary, love birds! I love how you spent the day, and I adore your wedding favors!

steph.kelley said...

Congrats to a dynamic duo! You two work well together; it's a pleasure to see you (even long-distance "see") succeed in parenting and Life In General. I still adore my D&J spoon! I call it the vat-stirring spoon, since its handle is so long it would work for witches stirring their brew..... :) xoxoxo