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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For the Record: Edward Can Be Domestic

Last year I posted a picture of my brother, a self-proclaimed non-helper, pushing a stroller during downtown trick-or-treating.  I really posted it for my dad, who I knew would get a kick out of seeing his youngest doing something domestic or fatherly.  

Of course, there's no kid in that stroller, but it still gets the idea across.
He was dressed up as Sherlock Holmes but ditched his coat into the bottom of the stroller because it was too hot outside.
Edward and Jennifer now live in an apartment, which has no garden or washing machine.  So they go to Livermore to use both of those suburban amenities at my parents' house...often.  Like, every couple of weeks, if not more often.  

Jennifer sent me the following picture in an email this past weekend.
Good job, Edward.
At first I chuckled at the notion of Edward doing laundry.  And then I noticed what piece of clothing he was hanging up...ahem.  No wonder he didn't mind helping!

In all seriousness, Edward does a lot of domestic chores these days.  He just prefers that someone else do them instead (who doesn't, really?).  Since he works from home, he's the one who gets dinner prepared, so it's ready when Jennifer arrives in the evening.  I have no evidence of him ever cleaning a bathroom, though, but I bet it does happen on occasion.   

Edward usually prefers to "help" in his own way:
Edward is "helping" Eddie do the dishes... sitting on the chair to stabilize it.