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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worst Weekend Ever

Ug. This past weekend was the worst ever.  Dave was sick with a cold when he arrived at home so I spent all day Friday and most of Saturday preparing for Eddie's party all by myself.

My family was here and they shuttled Eddie off to Fair Oaks to swim in my uncle's pool so I could get last minute things done for the party.

I had rented the picnic area at the park next to our house, and good thing I did because another family was setting up a HUGE fiesta there.  Out of nowhere, I had to use what little Spanish I remembered in order to get them to move out (and I showed them my permit, paid in full).

Eddie and crew arrived just in time for the party and from the start, Eddie was "off."  He wasn't as rambunctious as he usually is and I kept telling myself it was just that he was overwhelmed by the attention and all the kids running around (we were having a pirate themed party, complete with dress up garb and inflatable swords and a treasure hunt).  After about an hour, he started to feel really lowsy but he wanted to open presents, so we suffered through all the other kids wanting to open his gifts.  I mostly let them since he didn't seem too interested in anything.

I decided to take him home when he told me he was "feeling shy" and wanted to go home to lie down--I knew he wasn't feeling good.  So he and I ditched the party and not a moment after I laid him on the couch did he barf.  Poor baby boy.  He did it a few more times throughout the rest of the evening, between boughts of guzzling (too much) water and sleeping.

Hoping it was physcosomatic, I started to feel a little queasy, too.  Unfortunately it was real and got really awful in the middle of the night (I'll spare you the details).  When I get nauseous and/or spike a fever, my body's response to the agony seems to be fainting.  And this time was no different.  I even have a bruise on my side to prove it.  Ug. UG, I said!
Clearly, this picture is upside down, but you can see the bruising from where I fell down onto the bathroom floor. Ouch.
Sunday was spent sleeping and watching Netflix in the living room.  Dave still had a cold but Eddie seemed fine.  Why do kids bounce back so fast from illness?  I'm jealous.

Monday was a bit better, but I still felt icky and super achy/tired.  I knew my back would feel better if I walked around and stood up a lot since lying down too long makes me ache like an 80 year old.  So I cleaned the house, did laundry and dishes, tended to Eddie in order to let Dave rest more to get over his cold, and we went on a walk in the afternoon with the dogs.  Bless their souls, they didn't get much attention all weekend, other than snuggling me on the bed and couch.

Complaining on Facebook last night set me straight: a nurse family friend pointed out that I probably needed potassium (I hadn't eaten much and didn't drink anything other than coke and water).  So Dave went to the store and got me the least nasty flavor of Pedialyte he could find.  Over ice, it was barely tolerable, but I guzzled it down and within 30 minutes I was feeling sooooooooooooooooo much better.  Boy, howdy.    

Eddie and I were back on our regular routine this morning, other than having bagels and OJ at Nugget market instead of a homemade breakfast.  I still couldn't handle cooking anything this morning.  Dave stayed home to get just a touch less boogery before going back to work tonight after dinner with us.

And now I'm feeling needlessly guilty about how horrible Eddie's birthday party weekend turned out.  It was the shittiest weekend (seriously) ever.  Ug.  I hated everything about it.  I didn't get to hardly even speak to my parents between the party and sickness, Eddie didn't get to have his friends sing happy birthday to him over the cupcakes Jennifer and I spent a couple of hours making (they were treasure boxes with gold coins and jewels and everything!), he didn't get to experience the joy of opening gifts at his first "big kid" party, we were all sick the whole freaking time.  UG.  Worst. Weekend. Ever.
Edward went to a warehouse in the south bay to buy those chocolate gold coins. I ate a cupcake on Saturday evening...and given what happened that night, I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to eat another chocolate cupcake ever again.  
Rumor has it that the stomach bug is all over one of the elementary schools in town (someone at Eddie's daycare goes there).  All of the teachers at daycare got sick and enough of the kids were ill that the daycare was closed on Monday.  And of course it was no one's fault we got sick when we did but I still feel tremendous guilt and sadness about Eddie's party.  I really want a do-over party for him so he can experience it the way it was supposed to happen (minus more presents).  Dave keeps pointing out that Eddie won't remember the party or the illness anyway, but that's not good enough for me: I want to make sure I do my best for my Eddie Pie.

Okay, I'm sure you've heard enough.  Once I get pictures of the party from my friend Kelly I'll write a proper post about the good things about the party (because, yes, there were all our friends who came!).  Until then...

PS. I love my washing machine and Lysol. And Pedialyte.

PPS. I'm forever grateful that Dave didn't get the stomach flu, too.  Soooooooooo grateful.


Mariah said...

ech! That is AWFUL! What a great reminder about potassium someone told me that once and I forgot I have to remember that!
Also you can totally throw another party it could even be just you and Eddie and do awesome stuff. I like redo's because even if my kids don't care I do and I have the memories and its easily solved. Redo
ctrl z

Leah Roy said...

Julie, I'm so sorry!! Booo, you have every right to say that the weekend was awful. Yuck. Maybe you could take a trip to a special place to celebrate his day? Bring a friend along to make it extra special? Just a thought. A re-do party is great too! Hope you are all feeling back to your old selves again!