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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Princess Eddie

Eddie plays dress up a lot at daycare.  Last week he was really into dressing up in Leila's princess costumes.  While I was in a programming workshop, I got an email from Cassie full of pictures of Princess Eddie, dressed in a Belle costume.  Of course I immediately forwarded it to my dad, Dave, and Edward.  When I picked Eddie up from daycare that evening he was still wearing the dress...and had added heels!

Oh!  These pictures are so stinking cute.  I love this kid!
That hand on the hip totally makes the picture.
He's one content little man in that frock. But shouldn't he have the Cinderella
dress on since he's slaving away with a bucket?
And imagine the blackmail power they'll have over a 14 year old Eddie?  Muahahahaha!

He manages surprisingly well in those heels!
Since I couldn't get him out of the costume to go home, Cassie "let" us borrow it for the night, if we agreed to launder it.  I figured that was more than fair, considering Eddie and Leila were making mud soup when I arrived.
Stereotypes be damned. I love the innocence of childhood--where you preferences are real, not yet tainted by social pressures. 
The next morning he wore the clean costume to the store and then on to daycare.  No one in the store even batted an eye at a little boy wearing a dress.  Well, that's Davis for you!'s hard to ride in the bike trailer with a dress on, Waddo!


Leah Roy said...

I have GOT to meet this kid someday! And you, my dear, are a fantastic mommy/parent. So sad to think of how many parents would freak out or stop their son from doing such a thing. Eddie will always know he is supported and loved in what he does, bravo!

Mariah said...

oh I love it. And you know I love a little guy in dress up like my Andrew.
I can't say I've had the same reaction at stores etc (or about Andrew's pink toes) but that is kind of how I filter out people I want to hang out with and not so at least it makes that easier.
Princesses are awesome