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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Photo

While our rose bush was in full bloom a couple of weeks ago, we made sure to get a family photo in front of it. I set a piece of plywood on top of some saw horses so we could stand up higher.  Since we didn't have anyone around to take the photos for us, we had to rely on the self timer.  And since our child hates smiling/cooperating for pictures, I bribed him with chocolate.

Given those circumstances, this is the best picture we got.  Hopefully Dave can find some time to crop it better and whatnot. 

Before Christmas I was looking through all our photos to find one for our cards.  The ONLY one I could find was us dressed up for Halloween as Peter Pan characters.  So I used a coupon code to have 50 of those printed out for free.  And........then I never got around to sending out a holiday card/letter.  Ha!  People like Christmas-in-July holiday cards, right?  Maybe I'll have time to write/send them after this quarter is over.


Leah Roy said...

ADORABLE PICTURE! Eddie's little smirk is the cutest, good job with the chocolate, Mom. Jelly beans are our go-to "reward" for the kids. Rewards, not bribes :)

steph.kelley said...

It turned out wonderfully! Wild roses are some of my favorite climbers; when the one at my aunt & uncle's (Sandy & Doug) house bloomed, you could smell it for blocks. PS: Your dress is absolutely darling!! xoxo