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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jump Rope Challenge

A friend posted something on Facebook about this May Jump Rope Challenge.  You are to jump rope 1 minute for each day of the month, starting at 1 minute for 5/1 and ending with 31 minutes by 5/31.

I just did my first minute.  HOLY CRAP.  I don't remember jumping rope as being so much work! A mere 25 years ago it was a snap!

And for the record, I used a real rope.  As in, I went into the garage and rummaged around on the side of Dave's shop bench until I found a suitable rope.  If I stick with this, I might need to get a proper jumping rope because the thing I'm using doesn't have much weight to it and seemed to get a bit floppy in the air.

Check it out for yourself and consider joining in the sweaty fun:

Just make sure you wear a sports bra.

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Ms. said...

oh man I bought a real jump rope a couple years ago. I need to buy more diapers before I try it again though-not fun lol go you!